I’ve heard from an expert, he said that two things have contributed a lot to his entrepreneurial journey:

1. Resources: You can’t move forward without a handful of resources and bucket of great tools in the backpack. Businesses need incredible tools to run at fast pace.

2. Relations: The second and the most important one is the ‘relations’. Building relationship is one of the greatest business secrets you’ll ever come across. In fact, I heard the same expert adding to this, if you would have to choose between the Resources and Relations, always choose Relations, because if you lose resources, you can get them back, but, if you lose the relations (with people), you won’t get it back.

I agree with him… (In fact, I don’t remember his name, but still, admire on what he said to his listeners)

So, I’m going to share a bunch of resources/online tools/websites that I’ve used or might use. The only websites/brands/companies will make it to this list who have impressed me so far, and I tested a few of them and might use some of them in the future, but they are surely worth a try.

Please be advised, some of the tools are my affiliate links, meaning if you buy through those links, it would cost you nothing extra, but I might get a small commission from the company, and rest of the links are just direct links to the services…

(I want to be 100% honest with you guys)

Let’s take a look:

The services I recommend:

  • Namecheap – My current web hosting service
  • Buffer – The favorite social media sharing tool
  • Canva – The best tool for creating banners and graphics
  • Coming Soon Pro – The best coming soon page builder
  • Dropbox – To store and transfer files
  • Extreme Tracking – The website visitors and stats analysis tool
  • Elegant Themes – I purchased their themes membership
  • Envato  – The best WordPress themes and plugins marketplace
  • Flare – One of the social media sharing plugins I use
  • Filmora – This is the video editing software that I use
  • Grammarly – The best grammar checking tool
  • Long Tail Pro – To find and analyze the keywords for targeting
  • List Fusion – To create opt-in boxes for email newsletter sign ups
  • Magnetic Exchange – The online payment exchange service I use
  • MailChimp – My favorite email marketing service
  • Nimble – The best screenshot tool I use and recommend
  • Stitcher – To listen to the podcasts on my mobile devices
  • SumoMe – The email list building and newsletter opt-in service
  • ShareASale – An affiliate marketing network which I use
  • Sony WX350 – My vlogging camera
  • Tiny Take – The screen recorder I use
  • Tesla Themes – One of the best WordPress Themes Companies
  • Whos Amung us – The real-time visitors tracking tool
  • Visme – The best tool for creating infographics
  • WordPress – The open-source to run my sites and blogs

The Blogs I read:

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