10 Ways to Sell Your Freelance Service

sell your freelance service

Do you want to sell your freelance service? It seems like you have already figured out what to do as a freelancer. Trust me, a lot of people struggle at this when they don’t find their strength, ability, and passion.

It all comes down to WHAT YOU HAVE GOT!

It’s your chance to do WHATEVER YOU LIKE.

It must be something that resonates with your personality, meaning, you should never feel overwhelmed after 18 weeks or so. I’ve been blogging for almost 8 years and learning every single day. It’s just making me better and I know I won’t stop doing it.

This is passion.

Gary Vaynerchuk explained it very well:

“What you like when you’re not working, build a business around that.”

Do you know it took me almost three years to get regular freelance writing clients?

I started off freelance writing in 2012 and the year 2015 changed everything for me.

What I did actually was that I didn’t QUIT.

Blogging was my passion and I learned the art of diversification in 2012 and added the freelance writing into my online monetization strategy. It worked.

So, in this blog post, I’m telling you to FIND YOUR PASSION and then use it as a freelance service. However, I’m going to share a list of ways to sell your freelance service that you can choose from. But it must resonate with your ability, otherwise, it would not have been a wise decision to pick something up that’s not your strength.

Here are the 10 Ways to Sell your Freelance Service:

1. Write a blog and use for the engagement

My freelance writing career is the byproduct of my blogging passion. I started off blogging when I fell in love with it. Ultimately, I tried to diversify the income and added the freelance writing service into the income stream. It pretty much changed everything for me. I’m probably the biggest advocate of writing a blog for selling your freelance services. Read the story of how this personal blog changed my blogging career. So, don’t compromise on a blog. You must have a platform, whether you’re a freelance writer or a freelance cake designer. You must have a platform of your own where you set the rules and market yourself along with the delivery of value to the audience.

2. Follow the relevant Twitter hashtags

Don’t underestimate the power of the right hashtags. A 14-year old knows the importance of social media in today’s world. We all try to get along and use it for the better. A little bit of reverse engineering the mindset can help you land opportunities. One of the best things about social media is the Twitter hashtags. It just connects you to the relevant people with the similar or common interests. For instance, if you’re a freelance architect who is available for hire, just use Twitter and share the best content that could help the prospective audience and use the hashtags like #Freelancing #Architecture #HomeAndDecor etc. and see what’s going on. You could stumble upon the tweets from the prospective clients who may need your service.

3. Build an email list (of interested people)

The email list is super important. We all know that. Right? You’ll find people saying all the time that money is in the list. Well, if you don’t know what to do with your email list, then certainly there is no money in the list. Building an email list as a freelancer means that you publish the content that you’re passionate about and offer people to sign up to your newsletter so that you could engage with them or send them valuable content along the way. I use Mailchimp and List Fusion for building my email list. Don’t forget to deliver them value and engage with them. The idea is that they signed up to your email list because they liked what you’re doing and this means you can help them out with your work. So, occasionally offer them your service and see how they react to your offer.

4. Use the Instagram DM

The Twitter Direct Message (DM) works only when someone follows you, whereas Instagram’s DM is pretty much easier. You can DM anyone. Go to the three dots that show up on the right corner of everyone’s profile and tap the ‘send message’ option to send the message over. It comes down to WHO you want to DM and WHAT the purpose of your DM is. So wisely choose the prospects to reach out and offer them VALUE that could make them interested in your product or service. If you’ve written a blog post that could help them, ask their permission to forward that or tell them if something helped you and possibly can help them as well. Don’t just send cold offers. Instead, begin the conversation by delivering something valuable without being salesy.

5. Leverage the Facebook Cover

Check out my Facebook page cover. I’ve mentioned my URL and it not only just sends people over to my website but it also helps me develop a personal brand identity. I regularly get a few visitors that come directly to my website. It’s not about the numbers. It’s rather a brand recognition game. So use your Facebook cover for the better. Maybe, mention your service, contact details, or blog URL. It’s better that way. Check out Luqman Khan‘s Facebook cover. He knows exactly what I’m talking about here.

6. Publish content on Medium or LinkedIn

You want eyeballs on your offer. The best way to get them is START GIVING VALUE. One of the best ways to start off with that is publishing content on an established platform. Of course, your number of followers does matter but if you get lucky, you might be able to get traction at some point. Use a platform like Medium or LinkedIn to publish your content. If you’re being consistent with the publishing on either one of these platforms, not only will you get the new eyeballs on your blog, but you can interact with others underneath the content. The hack is that you have to use the author bio in a way that it really helps the audience in understanding that what you do and why you do it as well as it should also intrigue them to get to know you more.

7. Use the YouTube video description

YouTube provides you the video description option to play around. Meaning, you can put all the information regarding the video as well as relevant material that could help the audience. So, why don’t you create the videos regarding your freelance service and use this option? I’m telling you from my experience. Once a video gets ranked, it just becomes a regular source of attention for your brand. Imagine, you have 5 highly ranked videos regarding your freelance service. You might not need any other source of marketing after that. Don’t just limit yourself to the video description, but rather go deep down and get engaged in the comments section to talk and reply to the audience. A video of my Urdu YouTube channel got ranked very well and it has become a regular source of subscribers and comments. I made 25-min long video full of value and filled up the description with the relevant information and it worked. The strategy might not work in 10 attempts and could change the game around in the 11th attempt.

8. Use the email signature

Have you not seen people using it? We often come across those jam packed and detailed email signatures but don’t apply them. There is no harm in putting a line or two about what you do along with your email, URL, and phone number. I have seen people using the email signature for marketing. In fact, once I used a tool called WiseStamp. It worked well for me.

9. Use live video on social media

You might feel live video on social a little disruptive but it’s hot these days. The live video has become the most important engagement strategy of our time. Video in general, however, is growing at a fast pace, beating other forms of content, somehow. But we’re living in a very interesting time as Seth Godin said in this book that “we’re wasting the chance of a lifetime” and explained it in an interview with Marie Forleo. So get your record straight. Nobody cares how your voice appears on a camera, nobody thinks about your hairstyle, and no one would ever remember your shirt. I entered into the online video in 2015. Personally, I used to think prior to 2015 that I would never do online video and it’s not for me. Now I have three YouTube channels. Similarly, at this point, I think that I don’t have the time for live video, but deep down, I know it’s going to happen someday. So, you want to sell something, start offering value via live video and get the eyeballs around to build an audience to sell them in the future.

10. Write the best comments on Facebook

Am I sound dumb? If you’re thinking, what’s the point? Well, let me explain it to you. The comments, especially on Facebook, is our chance to get the attention of those who are not directly connected to us but are friends with our close friends. Suppose, a friend shares a motivational video on Facebook, you watch it till the end and like it. Meaning, you have spent your precious 5 minutes watching that video, now what you can do is write the most genuine, positive, and elegant comment that stands out, plus, you can add something up related to the VALUE it has given to you. The trick is that you can slightly mention at the end that you’re a freelancer and you do this thing… And this video helped you. Then end your comment with a thank you. That’s it. Not only will you make the friend (who shared) that video happy, but you will also interestingly advertise your service. I don’t say do this every time you comment on social media. Just do it occasionally. Most of the times, stick to the useful and helpful comments, that would do the magic as well.

Wrapping up

So, I came up with these ideas to help you out.

Trust me, I have used most of these things in my freelance writing career.

I couldn’t agree more on this.

My entire freelance career success is predicated on using my blog.

What if I haven’t found the PASSION for blogging?

All this would not have happened in the first place.

So, please find what you LOVE and then come back to this blog post and use the strategies that I have mentioned to market, engage, and convert the prospects into the customers.

Tell me something in the comments section…

What’s your favorite thing in the world that you’re passionate about?

How to Succeed in Your Freelance Career – [4 Steps]


Succeed in Your Freelancing Career

People wanted to know about freelancing.

And something interesting happened…

I posted a video on YouTube: How to Start Freelancing in Pakistan (Urdu)


It quickly got ranked. I created that YouTube channel just for helping the Pakistani audience (as well as anyone who understands the Urdu language)

I started seeing the traction. One of the important things was the language, which I chose Urdu.

Do you know why that video became the best video of the channel?

Not just because it was a 25-minute video.

Instead, I have had the answer.

I gave it.

It worked.

In result, I built a connection with dozens of Pakistanis who were out there struggling to find a guideline on starting a freelance career on the internet.

So, if you want to start a freelancing career on the internet, you have to do the same thing.

Follow these four steps:

1) – Make Human Connections

Let me tell you a story.

It was a teary-eyed experience, by the way!

I was watching this video and every moment was testing my patience.

It was Brian Miller’s TEDx Talk video.

He shared a lifetime experience of ‘doing the magic’ with a blind husband sitting alongside his wife.

The long story short is:

Brian Miller is a private events magician and keynote speaker. He was at the hotel where he used to go from table to table and ask for permission to show some magic to the couples and families sitting there. One night, he came across a table and he did the same thing. He asked for the permission and the husband replied positively that he would love to see that but he is blind. Brian got shocked and replied back that he is sorry but one day he will prepare something for them. A few months later, the same couple stopped by and Brian wasn’t expecting them. He panicked. He goes back to his changing room and starts thinking about the idea to cheer the blind man up.

What he did was sensational. He sat opposite to the blind man and held his both hands and asked him to guess the colors of the playing cards… The blind man was supposed to tell the color ‘Red’ or ‘Black’…

Everyone astonished by his guessing ability when he guessed all the cards correctly. Everyone was clapping and cheering. His wife had tears in her eyes.

Brian revealed the story behind that.

Before starting the guessing game, when he sat with the couple, he gently pushed man’s foot once for red and twice for color black while saying that ” if you think it’s color red, you say it’s red” (and he pushes man’s foot down once) and then he says “if you think it’s black, you say black” (and he pushes man’s foot down twice)… Then he gently grabs his hand and asks that do you understand this, the husband replies, “YES”.

All set.


All guesses were correct.

Everyone enjoyed.

Brian built an emotional connection with the blind man that nobody expected that. And the blind man found it interesting and he responded so well, so they shared a great experience.

This story was so touching to hear.

When I sat down to write about freelancing.

That incident was the first thing came to my mind.

Probably because that story shares a message of HUMAN CONNECTION.

Do you not believe in human connection?

Tell me you didn’t laugh while watching this video!

Okay. Watch this Yawn prank. In this prank video, the prankster showed that if you yawn near someone and he or she sees you, they’re likely to yawn in the next moment. This is strange but it happens.

Human connection is real.

I acknowledged the fact of helping others before making that video about freelancing. I knew it will help the beginners.

And it did.

I know there is always a technical stuff involved in organic ranking on YouTube. Sometimes you put out great content and it doesn’t get much traction and the videos you don’t expect much from often go crazy on the internet. It happens all the time. But that experience was different.

So, freelancing is no exception. If you want to move forward in it, start building human connections.

Help people.

2) – Understand the Struggle

It’s true. It’s always difficult to get into something and dream to thrive. But when someone has already done it and that person shows the humility by sharing what it takes to be there, then it’s a big deal.

One of the core reasons is that freelancers who have gone through lots of things in their career — in most of the cases — they certainly are the ones you should be reaching out for advice. This doesn’t necessarily mean you email them and ask for something to tell you.

Be smart.

Listen to their advice. Learn from their patterns. Follow their footsteps.

I recently learned this from Arianna Huffington about how important it is to sleep well and cut off the smart gadgets in bed in order to get a proper, healthy sleep. She explained in her interview that almost 7 years back, she was struggling and hardly taking 4 hours sleep and things weren’t right at the office, then she realized the sleep issue and started taking 7 to 8 hours sleep and it dramatically changed her business and life.

Now, here comes the interesting part.

I was struggling with the same issue.

My sleep routine wasn’t perfect. I used to spend a lot of time tapping on Twitter and Instagram before going to sleep. In fact, I did something similar on my own. I started switching off my phone at night and made a strict routine of not checking my email after 10 pm.

It started helping me.

Why does it make sense?

You want to know. Right?

She runs the world’s most popular blog called The Huffington Post.

Whereas, I don’t run that kind of blog.

My blog is quite new.

I do write content for a couple of clients.

But I can understand how difficult it would be for someone to be an editor-in-chief of the world’s most popular publishing website.

That’s why I believe freelancers can understand the freelancers’ struggle.

That’s why I’m writing this blog post for you.

What you need to understand is that how you can feel the struggle of your client.

The moment you realize that what your client actually needs, you move one step ahead in the game.

So keep trying to understand and keep going forward.

3) – Build a Network

We’re talking about what freelancers can do for others and why it’s necessary to understand the importance of networking. As we see connection building helps us in getting through different obstacles and being a community helps a group of people feel better.

Many entrepreneurs and bloggers come up with a mastermind group in which they invite like-minded people who like to talk about things, who can inspire others, and they are literally able to share what they’ve gone through. This Forbes article tells us a number of reasons to join a mastermind group. One of them is extending your network.

MastermindJam is an online service that connects people to the relevant group of people. You can develop a meetup community as well.

In today’s world where social media and technology have provided us with a continuous flow of information, news, and content — sometimes it makes us feel overwhelmed — which results in a sense of deprivation, which isn’t cool.

So getting connected with a bunch of people with a similar passion could help us in getting through various problems.

Freelancers need to come up with a specific community building process to build a network of people who are freelancers and they can share their experiences and lessons with other freelancers. Unleashing your secrets won’t hurt you, in fact, when you use them to inspire, motivate, and educate others, you’ll start to attract the audience that could potentially build your customer base at some point.

Freelance to Freedom Project does exactly this thing.

It’s a Facebook group-based community of freelancers created by Leah Kalamakis, in which freelancers talk to each other, help each other, and hire freelancers for their projects. It’s quite an engaged community and tells us how freelancers can help each other out through an online community.

If you want to develop a freelance career, you better start getting into a relevant community.

Either find out a good one or create the best one.

I’m trying to do the same with my Facebook group called ‘Bloggers‘…

4) – Inspiration is Necessary

It’s never easy to jump onto something and try to survive and let go of other things that you would grab otherwise . Unfortunately, most of the newcomers in freelancing think that freelancing means joining the freelance platforms and bidding on the projects to get one. It’s a cliché and I don’t agree with it.

Freelancing does have a connection with the freelancing platforms but it doesn’t mean that the freelancing process revolves around those platforms. Freelancing is a lifestyle that a freelancer chooses to move forward.

The freelancers aren’t the super-machines.

They have feelings, and thus, they need inspiration as well.

Patrick bet-David made a video for inspiring entrepreneurs around the world and it went viral on Facebook.

If you’re a freelancer and you don’t follow freelancers, then you’re off the hook and you may get lost.

When you would start to build your network and you start to follow freelancers that have more experience than you, have more clients than you, and they seem well off, you’re likely to get some inspiration from them.

Sometimes we only see others’ SUCCESS!

And what we don’t see is their past, when they hustled, failed, reached to the point of giving up…

But they didn’t quit and finally they made it through.

You can know all such stuff once you get a step closer to them and when you get to know them. In order to do that, you would have to find them, follow them, and try to be like them.

Someone asked Gary Vaynerchuk a very interesting question:

“Do you think you get more competitive with the people around you?”

The context of the question was about the company a person keeps.

Gary replies back:

“I’m proud of you. Start trimming your friend group and start adding to your friend group. Predicate what you want to be.”

Interestingly, he hinted that people say that you’re a byproduct of the people you hang out with, he affirmed that it’s REAL.

Your Part

So, dear freelancers, we’re in this together.

The freelancer sitting next to you isn’t your competitor.

In fact… your competitor is someone:

  • who didn’t believe in you,
  • who thought you won’t be successful,
  • who said you’re not going to make it,
  • who told you that you’re going to fail in this…

So, freelancers are supposed to help each other.

Always remember that we’re in this together.

Don’t wait for someone to favor you.

Do it first. The sooner, the better.

If you’re starting a freelance career, you must know that it’s a tough thing. You shouldn’t start this until you’re 100% sure that you can cope with the hardship.

When it comes to freelance career’s success, it pretty much comes down to the PASSION.

If you’re selling something you’re passionate about. You won’t feel burn out quickly…

I started off blogging in 2008. I fell in love with the idea of blogging.

By the end of 2010, I had already decided that I’m going to be a pro-blogger.

This 4-step strategy of succeeding as a freelancer might not be a crash course of getting started with your freelancing but what I’ve shared through examples will help you sense the idea of being valuable to others.

Learn to coexist. It opens the door.

Believe me, I would have failed in freelancing if I didn’t have the mindset of being useful to others.


What’s your best advice for someone who wants to succeed in freelancing?