The Most Useful Online Tools for Bloggers

best online tools for bloggers

If you’re a blogger, you must have some online useful tools that you rely on. Ever since I started off blogging back in 2008, I have been able to come across different tools. The interesting part is that if an online tool doesn’t help, you ultimately replace it with a better one and the process goes on.

A lot of tools that we use go away and the new ones come in. In other words, the process goes on.

I thought I should sit down and share some of my favorite online tools that I have been using for quite some time. You don’t have to use all of them. In fact, I don’t use all of them at once or every single day but I’m glad that I have a bunch of resources that help me make my work easier. I’m sure that if you’re a blogger, then these online tools will surely help you as well.

Please note that there might be a few affiliate links in the blog post. It means I would get a small piece of commission if you buy those products but you won’t be paying any extra money if you purchase through my link. I like to keep things transparent with my readers. I’m going to share the best tools that I have found over the course of time. You can disagree if you use the alternative tools and I’ll respect your opinion.

Let’s take a look at the most useful online tools for bloggers:


Ever since I came across the pocket platform I’m in love with this tool. It’s an online bookmarking tool that allows you to bookmark any article, video, or site link to your pocket account, which is synced and accessible through various devices. It does have a tagging system which allows you to tag the content with the certain tags to categorize it. I personally bookmark a lot of articles to read later on. It does have an extension for the browser as well as a mobile app to remotely access the account.


I’ve used a few email marketing softwares and I ended up disappointed at some point. MailChimp is one of the finest discoveries so far when it comes to email marketing softwares. It is smooth, easy-to-use, and offers a lot. The paid plan, however, does extraordinarily well in this regard. But you can, of course, begin with a free plan.


Social media sharing hasn’t been that easier. I used to share content separately on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Now, I don’t have to. I just use Buffer to share content on all three platforms. I have only used the free plan yet and it works great. Scheduling the social media posts is one of the best features of Buffer. It offers a mobile app, which means you can share or schedule your social media posts through your smartphone.


Honestly, I was totally fine with Outlook but I wasn’t the biggest fan. Ever since I found out about Thunderbird, probably 4 years back or so, I literally never used any other email management software. Thunderbird is fast, reliable, and easy-to-run.


Filmora is my video editing software. It’s a premium software. I used to edit my videos and vlogs in Movie Maker. Everybody knows that Movie Maker is far behind the awesomeness, although, it’s a great help if you’re a beginner and you just have to edit your cat videos. But if you’re taking video making seriously in 2017 (which you should), then you got to have a good video editing software like Filmora. (Read full review)


Merriam-Webster is an internationally recognized English dictionary. Now, they have introduced their dictionary on multiple platforms. I have personally installed the Merriam-webster dictionary on my smartphone and it works great. Not only does it have useful features like voice search and pronunciation but it also tells you a word of the day which helps you improve your vocabulary.


Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud services along with Google Drive and OneDrive. It’s fast, secure, and easy-to-manage. The synchronization works quite well. You can access your account through any device like PC, laptop, or mobile phone. The bloggers always need to move files, screenshots, and images for their blogs. Dropbox could be a huge help.


Nimbus is one of my favorite online tools. It’s a browser extension that I use on my Chrome. It helps me take the screenshots while browsing. In fact, it does have the screen recording feature as well. I started using Nimbus almost a year back and I’m kind of loving this tool.


Grammarly is a popular grammar checker that website owners and bloggers use. I have had a good experience with both free and paid plans of Grammarly. I have tested a couple of more similar online tools but Grammarly does sound best of all. It works fine with me.


I don’t use this tool often; but once I need to, then this becomes the go-to tool. It’s a duplicate content checker. You can test out the content you receive from the guest posters or other contributors. What it does is that it checks the content on the web and if the content is copied from somewhere else, it just displays the references after the search. It’s quite handy if you receive a lot of guest posts for publishing on your blog.

Sticky Notes

It’s a notes app that you can install to create sticky notes as the reminders. It brings a lot of value when your desktop has a note of to-do list. The reminder just helps us in programming our mind to get it done. I don’t use this app now but I have definitely used it in the past and it was quite good.

Wrapping up

So these were some of the favorite online tools that I found very useful along the way.

I’m sure you’re going to try a few of them or you may already know some of these online tools.

In fact, I’d love to know your favorite online tools that you personally use every single day.

Let’s chat in the comments.

How to Start a Blog with $75 or less

how to start a blog in a cost-effective way

Start a blog. It’s one of the best suggestions to give. Pro-bloggers love to explain that why you need to start a blog. Newbie bloggers are passionate about blogging. Every single day, people are jumping in and starting their blogs. But a lot of people who want to start a blog are not sure what to do to start a blog.

It’s true that there are so many articles available on starting a blog. A lot of bloggers have written quite impressive tutorials that walk you through the process of installing the WordPress in order to start a blog. My point is a little different. I totally agree with many of the tutorials and guides that already are available but all that stuff does work well just for the individuals who have the basic knowledge of HTML, open source, and web hosting.

Let’s be more realistic.

If a layman wants to start a blog then those tutorials might not help.

Moreover, one of the fundamental reasons of this article is that people walk away from starting a blog when they find out the cost involved in launching the blog should be brought back in the loop.


A web hosting account costs $200 per year

A domain name costs $12 per year

A WordPress theme membership costs $97

This price simply goes over $300 and we haven’t added any premium plugin yet.

When a layman who wants to be a blogger finds out about the $300 bucks that would be spent right away, it seems scary to an average person. Although they would eventually spend a lot more than that over the course of time but in the beginning, it seems a big investment. So, many of them back off from launching their blogs and even starting their blogging careers.

The purpose of this blog post is to reduce the cost to a minimum level and show you folks that how you can start a blog the easy way. I’ll show you that you don’t need $300 or $400 to start a blog. Instead, you need more or less $75 to start a professionally launched blog.

Note: Please be advised, all these suggestions are according to my understanding based on my experience and learning. It could be wrong. You’re strongly advised to do a proper research before launching a blog. As far as the cost of starting a blog is concerned, it definitely varies depending upon the services you choose. Moreover, some of the links to the products are my affiliate links, which means, I would get a small commission if you purchase it and it won’t cost you any extra money. One of the good practices of being a blogger is, to be honest with the readers.

Step #1: Purchasing the Domain, Web hosting, and a WordPress theme

Let’s do this.

You won’t believe how easy it is to get started. I’ll walk you through the process of buying your domain name, web hosting, and a WordPress theme.

I’m using Namecheap at the moment. It does a lot for me when it comes to domain name registration and web hosting.

Go to the Namecheap website.

Create your account.

Once you’re logged into the Namecheap account.

Go to the shared hosting section. Pick up the hosting package you want to shared web hosting account

screenshot credit: Namecheap

Namecheap has the best web hosting prices on the market.

shared web hosting

screenshot credit: Namecheap

Once you’ve chosen your web hosting package, the next up is the domain name. Obviously, you need to register your domain name. So select the ‘Purchase a New Domain‘ option to move forward.register domain name

screenshot credit: Namecheap

After choosing the web hosting and domain name, you’ll reach the checkout page.

Within a few seconds, you’ll be able to complete the process. Once it’s done, you’ll receive the confirmation email as well as Namecheap account details in your inbox.

Let’s move to the WordPress theme part.

I’ve bought many WordPress themes from Themeforest.

buy wordpress premium theme

screenshot credit: Themeforest

You’ll find hundreds of amazing, beautifully designed WordPress themes.

Pick up the best WordPress theme that suits your blog niche and purchase it to get it done.

Step #2: Launching the Blog using the WordPress

At this point, you would have your domain name, web hosting account, and a WordPress theme.

Here comes the blog launching section.

Now you’ll find out how simple and easy it is to install the WordPress to get along.

There are two methods to install the WordPress CMS. First one is manual which is recommended from the pro-blogging standpoint because it is technically more sound than the other one. Second is auto-installation. It could work but if you want to establish a blog and serious about it, I’d recommend the manual method. But I’ll share both of these.

Method #1: Manual WordPress Installation (Recommended)

As of now, you’ve bought your web hosting and domain, meaning, you have the Cpanel access now and your domain is in the Namecheap account to make it work. (In case, your domain is registered to some other domain registrar, you should make sure that you’ve properly saved the nameservers and they’ve been resolved properly. Sometimes they take 24 to 48 hours to propagate).

Now, it’s time to get started.

Go to the to download the source.

download wordpress open source

screenshot credit:

It will be in the zip format. Download it.

Besides that, open your Cpanel, go to the ‘MySQL Databases‘ section to create a database for your blog.


Create a database. It would take more or less 5 seconds.

Underneath that section, there will be an option to create a ‘Database user‘.

Then create a database user. Once you’ve done that, there will be another option right there to ‘add the user to the database’. So add the user to the database. Once it’s done. You’d have the following things:

– Database name
– Database username
– Database password

Now you will have to put that information into a file called wp-config. Go to the downloaded source folder from the Unzip it and look for the file wp-config-sample. Rename it to wp-config and edit the file using any text editor like Notepad or Notepad++. Put the database name, username, and password into that file and save it. Now you will have to upload all the files to the hosting server.

The best way to do is zip the folder but delete the original zip folder that you downloaded early on. Now, zip the folder containing the edited wp-config file. It’s the file that will direct your WordPress installation and help you move further.

Now upload the zipped folder to the public_html directory. In order to get there, just open your Cpanel. Go to the File Manager, and there you’ll see the public_html directory.


Go into it and upload the zipped folder through the upload option.

Once it’s uploaded. Just extract the folder there. It might unzip it in a folder. Make sure you move all the files to the public_html again. For instance, the folder name is, upon unzipping, a folder named ‘WordPress’ will be created automatically. Go into that folder and select all files and move them back to public_html. Your WordPress files must be in the public_html folder. Once you’re done, you’re almost there.

Now go the web browser and open the URL of your blog to install the WordPress. It will ask you to choose the blog title, username, and password. Provide the details and proceed. Within a few seconds, you would have installed the WordPress successfully.

Here comes the alternative method.

Method #2: Auto-install WordPress

This is quick. It probably takes a minute or less to get you a freshly installed WordPress blog. But the problem I have faced back in the days with the auto-installed WordPress installation is that when you change your web hosting at some point, you face difficulty. The possible reason is that auto-install feature works with a certain server provided software like Softaculous or SimpleScripts.

auto-install wordpress blog

It could work if you’re installing a WordPress blog just for a testing purpose or to do something unimportant. But when it comes to your main website or blog, I won’t recommend using this feature.

But it’s important to share this with you. So that you know the possibility that exists.

In order to quickly install your WordPress using this method, just go to the Cpanel of your web hosting and find the auto-install feature somewhere in the Softwares/Apps section.

Choose WordPress and then you would have to choose the domain to continue the process.

Within a few seconds, it will install the WordPress.

Simply write the username and password, then within a few seconds, you’ll in your WordPress dashboard.

Step #3: Installing the WordPress theme

Once the WordPress has been installed. I reckon the next thing you would want to install is the WordPress theme that you’ve already purchased.

You could also choose a free theme but pro-bloggers always go for a paid theme.

There are so many benefits attached to it.

For instance, a paid WordPress theme always has more features, updates-availability, responsive layout, and affiliate marketing promotion (in some cases).

So, to install a new WordPress theme, go to the ‘Appearance‘ and then ‘Themes‘.

installing a wordpress theme

Then, add a new theme from there. Make sure you upload the zipped file.

Sometimes a theme is zipped inside another zipped folder along with other files. Make sure you unzip the theme folder to check it out before uploading it. In case, you’ll upload the wrong folder, the WordPress interface would give the error in installing the theme. You would have to do it again with the right folder.

Once it’s done. It will appear in your WordPress dashboard inside the ‘Themes’ section.

Open it up and adjust the options accordingly. One of the benefits of using a paid WordPress theme is that it always has better customization options to change things around.

Wrapping up

So, I was excited about this simple guide.

I always wanted to write this kind of guide but I procrastinated a lot.

Then I realized that if the blog launching cost is holding people back from going for it, then I should do something to help them out.

So I came up with a guide that helps them minimize the blog launching cost to the lowest.

It took me actual three days to finish this off.

But it was worth it.

I’ll be more than happy to assist many of you who are passionate about starting a blog and going to launch it after reading this guide.

Important lesson: If you’re a blogger who is just starting out. This blog post doesn’t just teach you how to start a blog but it also teaches you one more thing and that’s always thinking about solving a problem. So, I guess that’s an additional thing I’m teaching you right in the beginning.

As I said, I’ll be happy to answer your questions in the comments section.

Because it’s just a beginning. Once you launch a blog, you would have a long way to go.

And don’t worry at all…

We learn things along the way.

No matter how early we started blogging, we still learn things. So will you.


So answer a quick question below in the comment section.

Did blog launching cost ever stop you from launching the blog?

Starting a Blog: 4 Things You Need to Know

starting a blog

Are you starting a blog?

You must be excited.

You should be. Because you’re probably going to make one of the most important decisions of your life. If you make it right, you’ll set an example, and if you don’t, you’ll learn a lesson. Either way, you must be happy.

I’ve told this over and over again that I did mistakes in my blogging but I learned many lessons.

So, I’m happy to share 4 essential things you must know before starting a blog.

Because there is no point of being concerned about this if I’m not helping you.

If you occasionally visit my blog or you’ve subscribed to my email list, then I should be delivering you the best I can, which I why I decided to repurpose a video that I posted on YouTube.

In that video, I talked about four very important things that every blogger should know in order to get his or her blog off the ground.

Let’s find out:

1) – Ask yourself WHY you need to start a blog

Find your WHY.

Whether you want to make money off of your blogging or you just want to have fun.

Trust me, these two bloggers’ categories do exist.

You’re free to do whatever you want to do.

I’m just trying to help the bloggers who want to become pro-bloggers and make money off of their blogging.

They should know that they must have a ‘WHY’…

It does lead to finding a niche and pursuing it.

For instance, if you’re good at Web optimization, then you must be blogging on this topic. You should be helping the audience around website optimization rather than covering a whole heap of different topics.

It’s far better to become an authority at one thing than ending up an average at several things.


2) – Who you want to reach out

That’s something we call ‘TARGET AUDIENCE’…

If you know your target audience specifically, it’ll be a whole lot easier to go ahead.

Because you won’t be babbling and trying to figure out.

You would be crystal clear with your mindset.

Moreover, you’ll be finding the people who need your help.

For instance, if you’re based in the UAE and want to start an e-store for women clothing just to sell in the UAE. You would have to find out the local freight charges, the fabric cost, and then stitching & designing cost.

Plus, you’d exactly know that what women like to wear in that part of the world. Additionally, you could go deep down to target just the South Asian women community as well.

When it comes to starting a blog, this is something you should figure out before jumping into this. Once you know, you’re good to make a start.

3) – What you have

Another important thing you must consider analyzing before starting a blog is that what you have got.

This part is about going either for a PASSION or TALENT.

I meant that it’s up to you.

Some of you might be good at something, for example, graphic designing or crafts making.

If you have such a talent. Make sure you must use that in your blogging.

I like Tim‘s blog WaitButWhy. He has a specific style of drawing the sketches for his blog posts that immensely help him in telling the stories. It caught my attention and I absolutely loved his blog.

I’m not sure whether or not Tim loves drawing but one thing is sure that he is consistent with adding those drawings into the blog posts, which makes me believe that he likes it.

Similarly, your PASSION must reflect in your blogging niche selection as well as content strategy.

My point is that you should never start a blog based on someone else’s passion or talent.

Arthur Ashe said, “Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.”

I believe in this quotation because it tells you to emphasize on making a start and believing in yourself.

If you got a talent or a passion, you better use that in your blogging.

4) – How to move forward

In this part, I tried to explain that what a blogger needs to do besides publishing the content.

Moving forward means what to be done after start publishing the content.

Well, I can tell that you should be doing the following things:

  • Choose your social media platforms – (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – Just choose one or two)
  • Start building relations on social
  • Guest post on others’ blog
  • Harbor a community to help guide them

Don’t just write content to publish but rather to solve the problems.


In the end, I just want to add that many newbie bloggers might think that blogging is about posting the blog posts on the frequent basis and sharing them on Facebook.

In fact, writing and sharing are two small chunks of the whole process.

Ask yourself a question…

Why are you publishing the content in the first place?

The answer might be: To help the readers.

Now analyze that answer!

I wanted to make sure through this blog post that how we can help others who are taking time out to read our content.

What if they end up finding nothing special in our content?

What if they think they wasted their time?

I thought I could add something to the cause in order to make your blog a better place for your readers.

I genuinely believe in these four steps when it comes to starting a blog.

What would you recommend to someone who is starting a blog?


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How to Start a Money Making Blog

money making blog

People want to know that how they can start money making blogging. They are curious to find out that what it takes to start a money making blog. A lot of them know about the blogs but what they don’t know is that how a blog makes money, in actual.

Here I come…

I talk to people on Facebook.

They discuss their blogging matters all the time.

In fact, we all try to find the point that turns the blog into a money making blog.

People try to find the secrets of a money making blog.

Well, they try to look behind the backdrop.

But they find nothing. What I want them to do is drop the curtain…

So, when they talk to me on Facebook, they ask me about blogging. I’m not being an expert of blogging here. I’m just a student of blogging like Joe Pulizzi once told me that we’re all students…


So, Facebook friends talk to me about blogging techniques, niche selection, and monetization ideas.

I wonder sometimes they value my opinion and apply the techniques that I tell them…

Do they forward the same excitement, passion, and honesty to their readers?

They probably FOCUS on learning something awesome… (which is good, everyone should be doing that)

But I focus on DELIVERING TO THEM while we talk.

When people tell me that they want to start a blog. I ask them two questions?

Question #1: Do you just want to write for expressing your thoughts or you want to make money off of it?

I ask this question because:

If they just want to write for fun. There is no point of giving them a lecture on money making. People do write blogs just for the sake of expression. It makes them feel good when they put the words out there. I can tell you because I started off that way in 2008.

Question #2: What’s your passion?

I ask this question because:

If they don’t follow their passion in blogging, they’ll eventually quit at some point even if they want to make money off of it. Bloggers quit blogging when they don’t see any traction, engagement, and money out of it. The passion is something that keeps a blogger going and stops from going off the hook, which ultimately results in making money.

After those two questions, they start to pursue the game differently…

Now, I’m going to share a few steps with you that will help you squeeze the huge things that contain the sheer learning of my last 6 years in blogging and I’ll try my best to share with you folks:

Step #1: Define your blogging purpose

It’s simple. Tell yourself whether you want to build a career around blogging, meaning, you want to start blogging and make money off of it and want to see yourself as a pro-blogger or you just want to have fun while you’re at home and you think blogging could be a fun thing to do.

It’s important.


If you want to start blogging and make a career around it, then you have to pursue it to become a pro-blogger. A pro-blogger is a blogger who blogs for a living and he or she does make money off of blogging. You can’t be a pro-blogger if you have a bank job and you write your blog once a month.

If you’re pursuing this to make money then your pathway should be like this:

  • Using the paid services: A blog requires a number of things such as web hosting, domain name, and blog template (and even more). All these things must be the premium products in order to make a professional start. Some newbie bloggers try to play smart and find cheap web hosting service and cracked blog templates that do damage to their blogs in the long run.
  • Blog consistently: You have to be regular if you really want to be a successful blogger. A blog is just like establishing a business from the scratch. In the beginning, you don’t earn money. All you need is to give your money, hard work, and sweat to get things going. The consistency refers to the blog posting, researching, creating content, and being social on the regular basis.
  • Learning process: As a pro-blogger, your learning doesn’t stop at any point. Once you get into this and you start to learn things, you’ll find blogging similar to a sea that never ends. There are always new ideas, concepts, and techniques to test, analyze, and adapt. It’s a commitment of a lifetime, you don’t have to do it if you aren’t passionate about blogging.

On the other hand…

If you want to blog just for fun or you want to do it because your best friend has started doing it, then it’s totally cool. You can do that too.

You will need to do this:

  • Pick a blogging platform to get started: Since you’ve decided that you don’t want to make money off of it. It means a lot of troubles might go away instantly such as the cost of launching a blog, maintenance, and the premium services you may need to acquire. You can feel free to start a blog on the free platforms like Medium,, or Tumblr.
  • Fill up the blog with information: It might take a few minutes to create a free blog. The next up is the process of creating some of the important pages of your blog and filling them up. The pages such as  About me, Contact, Mission. Moreover, you might want to create some categories to use in the content creation. Make categories related to your blog’s niche (niche meaning, the type of your blog).

If you’ve made this far, you would come to know that both the ideas have different directions, which is why I emphasized on defining the blogging purpose. Because if you don’t define why you want to launch a blog, you won’t succeed in blogging.

why of my blog

For instance, I started a niche blog called I clearly defined that is a blog to help guide Pakistani audience who wants to start vlogging. In fact, I explained that why I launched that blog so that someone who visits that About Page of should come across the ‘Why’ of my blog.


I have had a chance to listen to Simon Sinek. His TED Talk and tons of other interviews have gone viral on the internet.


Image source:

He wrote a book called ‘START WITH WHY‘ and I’m going to read it for sure. It’s on my list to get my hands on in the near future. He often talks about his book which revolves around the WHY.

Step #2: Choose the Specific Niche

‘Niche’ is a category of your blog. The word niche is probably one of the used words when it comes to blogging tips. It’s true that selecting a niche is very important. We’ve been told a lot about choosing our blog niche wisely and the more we grow as a blogger, the more we emphasize on niche blogging.

I want to dig deeper.

I don’t want to run away by giving you typical niche tips that everybody knows about. I learned the hard way. I did mistakes in my blogging and choosing the niche was one of those mistakes in my blogging career.

I want you to connect the NICHE with the INTENT.

This will get a lot whole easier for almost everyone who wants to start a blog or who wants to get better at blogging.

Let me explain this.

In general, a niche could be blogging tips, android OS, photography, or YouTube.

But in my opinion, you have to choose a specific niche and define a certain intention inside that niche.

Not only will it make you stand out from the crowd but it will also vaporize the possible competition.

Let’s call it a sub-niche.

For instance,

  • Bloggers who are failing at Affiliate Marketing
  • Females who want to start an online boutique
  • Newbie bloggers who are starting a blog
  • People who are going to join a gym

The idea is your niche shouldn’t be so general that thousands of bloggers already targeting the same kind of niche and you find yourself among the noisy crowd. So, this is quite important to consider while starting a money making blog.

One of my favorite bloggers Sue Anne Dunlevie wrote a blog post about growing a blog. She also mentioned choosing a specific niche for blogging success. I was thrilled to read her post and decided to add up here and share with you guys.

Step #3: Select the Right Platform

This is one of the most underrated blogging tips. I mean, you’d always find bloggers talking about the blogging platform and telling the readers about the different platforms but you may not find them emphasizing a lot on the importance of the right platform.

I want to clarify this. Write it down somewhere.

The blogging platform is extremely important in your blogging journey.

It’s like going on a long road-trip without choosing the right car for the journey. If you have ever been on the road for a long drive, you would know that the car type, maintenance, and the condition are the essential things to make that happen.

Similarly, if you’re passionate about blogging, it means you’re making a long commitment to it and you may not stop blogging in your lifetime, then the blogging platform is something you can’t compromise on. In fact, learning more about the best platforms and especially the current one you’re on is crucial to the success.

I’m a huge fan of WordPress (self-hosted) platform to run any website or blog. In the beginning, back in 2008, I started off with the, and eventually after a year of using it, I jumped off and decided to buy a web hosting account and chose WordPress blogging platform. Ever since I haven’t had even a thought in my mind to change my blogging platform. The reason is that this platform is reliable, ever-growing, and built around the open-source concept, meaning, there are tons of contributors who develop themes (web templates) and plugins (site modules), which makes it easier to run any kind of a site or blog.

I want you to take a few steps back here.

Remember the step #1?

Blogging Purpose…

See, it also comes in play here. If you want to start a blog that could make money for you, it means you have to turn yourself into a professional blogger, which would ultimately require you to put not only just effort but also some professional equipment (such as a reliable web hosting service, a premium theme, and some paid plugins).

Otherwise, if you don’t have the intention of becoming a pro-blogger, then you may not have to spend money on this. You can begin with the free blogging platforms.

The other day I really liked an article that I stumbled upon through Facebook and I had no idea about the platform of that blog. The moment I completed reading that article, I thought to leave a comment underneath that article and it took me some time to figure out about the commenting. Perhaps, I’m so used to of the easiness of WordPress that I couldn’t quickly respond to the features of that platform.

So, I managed to leave the comment as it asked me to log in to be able to leave a comment. Since I wasn’t on that platform, so I had to choose Twitter to leave the comment. On the other hand, if you’re using WordPress either .com or .org, you know that it’s quite simple to leave a comment. All you need to put is your basic information such as name, email, and URL. Moreover, anyone can leave the comment in WordPress.

Step #4: Start Changing Lives

This is something you need to make your blog thrive. All the efforts you are told before this point would help you meet your audience, meaning, when you know the purpose of your blogging, you would be able to define your content strategy accordingly, when you would know your niche, you’d write the content that would help the specific audience looking for the very same information and insights. Moreover, if you don’t choose the right platform to launch your blog, nothing else would matter because all of your efforts could go in vain.

I’m supposing you’ve taken care of first three steps and you’re just meeting your audience now, meaning, your target audience has started coming to your blog through search engines and social media. It takes a while to reach that point, so don’t panic in the second week of your blogging if this isn’t happening. I’m talking about almost the second or third month of your blogging…(of course, if everything goes right)

Now the readers meet your content. What happens next?

  • Is your content helpful for them?
  • Are they liking it?
  • Are they leaving the comments?
  • Are they subscribing to your blog?

The long story short, you have to change their lives with your content. Now, you must know that what the ingredients of making such a life-changing content would be. Here we go:

  • Storytelling – The stories will attract the people to come over and check out the content.
  • Case Studies – The case studies always help the readers in understanding the phenomenon behind the reasoning.
  • Examples – We all know since 5th grade that examples are necessary to help convey the message.
  • Personal experiences – This is something that adds a personal taste. Nothing is better than sharing the first-hand experience. So, consider adding a relatable experience that you could possibly share.

When you create the content that really helps the audience. It builds a connection between you and your readers because you deliver value to them and it helps them get through. They subscribe and become the regular readers, which leads them to be loyal to your blog and your voice. It doesn’t happen so quickly. It takes years and years to build that trust and connection. Your consistency of creating content and commitment to keep helping the audience would make it happen. At some point, you start to realize that your voice is being heard. Your subscribers wait for your signal to take a certain action. In fact, it adds more responsibility to your job because a single bad decision could spoil things, however, the loyalty factor does help you to get through because you probably helped the subscribers hundreds of times in the past. But you have to be very careful with this thing.

Where does the money come from?

You might be thinking where is money in the whole procedure.

Well, the money comes after the step#4.

There are lots of ways to make money on the internet.

A money making blog doesn’t rely on a single income stream. If you’re thinking I would end up saying that find the relevant products and start affiliate marketing, then you’re wrong. I don’t want to tie you with a single monetization strategy.

In fact, you should try different ones.

Don’t start with a PPC program like Google Adsense. This is something almost every new starter does. The reason I’m saying ‘NO’ to this is because you wouldn’t have much blog traffic to take advantage off of a PPC program. Instead, try an affiliate program first.

Let me dig in a little bit more into this.

You don’t have to try a couple of things in affiliate marketing. Because it’s not how it works. You may have to try a dozen things before finding the right product to promote.

One of the biggest success factors in affiliate marketing is USE IT FIRST.

When you use the product rather than promoting directly, you get the proof that it works. Don’t promote the product if it doesn’t worth it. No one ever succeeded in affiliate marketing without using the product.

Remember the ingredients of a life changing content?

One of them was a personal experience.

best optin plugin for WordPress

See, I’ve been using List Fusion optin plugin for more than a year now and I found it extremely helpful.

After trying the affiliate marketing, you can add up another income stream.

Try to sell a service that you’re passionate about.

Have you ever seen a little ‘HIRE ME’ CTA on the blogs?

Bloggers use their blogs to sell their services.

In fact, you can sell the products as well. Use e-junkie or payloadz for selling online products.

(I made a mistake. I started off with Google Adsense, then shifted to Affiliate Marketing. I should have started with the Affiliate Marketing. I was naïve. I didn’t know anything, so I made a lot of mistakes in my blogging)

A money making blog doesn’t always depend on Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing. You can master the skills to offer something that hasn’t been offered yet. If you have a strong connection with your audience, they will come forward to buy the products from you. Whether it’s a webinar training or e-books.

Look at the Problogger E-books section. They’ve developed multiple income streams and e-books is one of them.

Similarly, SmartBlogger is popular when it comes to selling their courses and certifications.

The point is simple. A money making blog doesn’t get shaped up in two months. Problogger became what it is today after almost a decade.

Besides that, you don’t have to be overwhelmed with some bloggers who keep on sharing their payments screenshots on Facebook.

They all were at the same spot as you’re now.

They were thinking to start a blog. They were finding the ways to make money off of their blogs.

Why are they successful?

Any idea?

Let me tell you!

Because they never stopped trying. They kept the journey going. They were never stopped by the hurdles. They never stopped learning. They never stopped believing. They didn’t quit. And, now they’re successful.

So, a money-making blog isn’t a formula, it’s rather a pathway that you have to follow and reach down the road. You don’t have to skip past to the end, instead, you have to live that experience.

Now, tell me something.

Do you want to start a money-making blog?

Disclaimer: This blog post has a few affiliate links. It means I could make a little money if you buy those products and it doesn’t cost you extra money. 

How to Survive without Google Adsense

Survive without Google Adsense

Note: Some of the links mentioned below could be affiliate links. It means I might get a commission on the sales of a few items and it won’t cost you anything extra.

If you’re wondering how to survive without a Google Adsense account, then let me tell you something. The Google Adsense program is a go-to platform for both newbie bloggers and pro-bloggers.

Do you know the reason why I’m writing this guide?


Google Adsense is probably the second most discussed topic after money making online that I come across. So, I knew I can put some ideas down there and make it public on my personal blog.


Everything seems cool here.

Do you know how tough it is for bloggers who don’t get Google Adsense?


Do you have any idea what bloggers go through if their Google Adsense account gets blocked?

I talk to them. I know about the heat.


If you’re reading this because you’ve lost your Adsense account, then let me tell you something…

Grab a cup of coffee or something!

This is going to be an interesting talk!


You opened your inbox and you see the notification of your Adsense account suspension…

Do you know what happens in the next second?

Here are some thoughts:

  • This is the end
  • I’m literally done
  • I’m going to stop now
  • I will quit blogging now
  • There is no future now
  • I didn’t imagine this
  • I can’t make money online now
  • There is no alternative to Adsense

Well, hold on.

You start to hallucinating things.

You’re worried.

Do you know what’s the worst part?

The brain plays a trick on you…

I’m serious. It does play…

This is exactly what Alison Ledgerwood told in her TEDx Talk that you get stuck in the negatives…

Do you remember The Vampire Diaries?

In season 04, when Silas appears and he starts to getting into Klaus’ head…

And eventually, makes him see things that don’t exist in reality…

This is what I’m talking about…

Let’s come to the solution.

Always remember that these four things will make you successful in blogging. I’m not saying ‘could make you’, instead, I’m saying ‘will make you’… Because I’m pretty sure about that.

1) – Believe in your success

If you don’t believe in yourself. You can’t get through. How on earth would you succeed when you’re not sure about it? Just work like it’s impossible to do and only thing can make it happen is the hustle. You know that you can win this.

2) – Passion for something

If you have a passion for blogging, no matter what happens, you’ll survive. Not only will you survive, but I can promise that at some point, you’ll thrive. Because, it kind of universal reality, you succeed if you’re being persistent and passionate to achieve it. If you’re a passionate blogger, don’t panic, just keep learning and keep moving forward.

 3) – Building the Connections

Adding a number of new Facebook friends every week is not going to cut it. It’s not like that. The connection building means help out others, talk to relevant people, discuss things, and connect with like-minded people. You have to build a strong relationship with your social media following, internet-friends, and subscribers.

4) – Learning it every single day

If you’d ask me to give a quick piece of blogging advice to get along, I’d say, don’t stop learning ever. Because it’s the only way you’d proceed, get better, and evolve.


Now I feel a little satisfied because I have a feeling that I have given away some important ingredients to the recipe of blogging success.

Let’s come to the main part…

How to Survive without your Google Adsense Account

You think it sucks that you don’t have a Google Adsense account.

Well, maybe, but I think otherwise.

It doesn’t suck.

Because if that wouldn’t have happened, you would probably leave Google Adsense at some point anyway. Obviously, that’s what pro-bloggers have to do at some point. It’s a bit complicated. I’m sure Google Adsense is a great program to monetize your blog but it does come with a set of regulations and rules to follow and if your blog isn’t following a chunk of rules then it could be critical to getting along with them anyway. For instance, you can read a beginner’s guide to Google Adsense and if something happens against those terms, you site may not be monetized through Google Adsense or in some cases your Adsense could be blocked.

Many pro-bloggers move on at some point in their blogging journey. Because when their blogs start to grow, they see more partnership opportunities and those things open up their eyes. For instance, read this thread about Google Adsense and third-party ads on the same page. It suggests that make sure other ads seem to be different than the Google Ads.  Plus, the situation seems skeptical because when you’re using three Google Adsense ads already and you plan on adding a few more ads from other advertising company, it would directly affect your blog’s user experience and page loading speed.

There are four ways to get back to the track, in case, you have lost your Google Adsense account or you haven’t been able to get it in the first place. Take a look at those four ways:

1) – Try Alternative Ads (Recommended for high-traffic sites only)

Well, the next thing you might do or have done earlier in the career is trying alternative ads companies. I’d say that you could try this if you have a high volume of traffic and it’s increasing every month. You would probably know the CPM networks are quite popular. Try UberCPM, Adsterra, or Propeller Ads. There are dozens of other CPM networks out there. If you consider your blog in that high-traffic league, you’re good to check out those networks. There isn’t a specific formula of blog monetization success. Once I asked Darren Rowse during his Facebook Live Stream about choosing a single affiliate or trying multiple affiliate products, and he came up with the reply saying that you should test one by one and see what works for you.

Well, again I would say. You don’t have to limit yourself to the ad networks.

The whole purpose of this article is to help you out in getting through this situation.

People sometimes get so much frustrated that they fed up so much in this situation and they start thinking about quitting their blogging.

I don’t want that, which is why I designed this whole post.

The idea is to help you get through this.

And, trust me, you’ll get through, in case, you’ve lost your Google Adsense account, I’m sure you’ve fixed the blog and submitted the reconsideration application.

In case, you didn’t get it back. Please don’t think that it’s the end of the world.

Because it doesn’t end this way. It can’t end here.

Read further, you’ll find more options to survive without Google Adsense.

2) – Start Affiliate Marketing

Many of you might know about affiliate marketing. If you’re a blogger, you would definitely know. I reckon, if you’re trying to survive without Google Adsense, you’re probably looking at some options to consider, then I would say start your research on Affiliate Marketing.

The affiliate marketing is a blog monetization strategy in which the blogger earns a commission when a referral buys the product/service through the provided link.

If you haven’t been able to experience affiliate marketing, then let me tell you something about it in a few steps:

I. Try the paid products that help in blogging

II. Experiment with a few

III. Gather experience and data

IV.  Write product reviews

V.  Create content that helps readers

VI.  Get engaged with the audience

VII.  Build social connections around your blog

VIII.  Prefer helping others through your blog

IX. Stop being salesy

X. Improvise and evolve

It looks easy to say, hey, start affiliate marketing!

I know that.

I’m not leaving you behind. I’ll share what I learned along the way.

So, here is the thing…

Follow these simple steps of succeeding in affiliate marketing:

Step #1: Choose the products according to the niche

This is something many of us don’t exercise properly and that’s exactly where the problem lies. We don’t align our niche and affiliate marketing strategy, that’s why the conversion rate doesn’t improve the way we expected it to be. So, choosing the products according to the niche is incredibly important. If your blog talks about interior design, you better have a plan of using the affiliate products related to the home and décor, DIY decoration, fashion, and beauty. Maybe, you could join the certain networks or online stores to promote their interior design stuff. Try Etsy.

Step #2: Add personal experience to the game

Affiliate marketing isn’t just about choosing the products and writing the reviews. It’s certainly more than that. Adding your personal experience makes the picture vivid and allows you to showcase how your experience has been with the product you’re promoting. It all starts with buying the very same product, using it for some time, and if you find trustworthy and reliable to use, then you can come up with a promotion plan for it. For instance, I purchased Filmora back in march of this year and after using it for a few months, I wrote a full review on this software and published at My first-hand experience gave me so much confidence while reviewing the software and sharing what I’ve found in it. This phenomenon takes your affiliate marketing to the next level.

Step #3: Promote the best ones

You can’t just win at this if you’re pursuing the money and not taking care of your readers. Always remember that your trust and loyalty with your readers is something that makes you stand-out from the crowd. So, never let your readers and subscribers down by referring them products that you’re not sure of. Always consider promoting the best products in your affiliate marketing.

That being said.

Don’t ever consider affiliate marketing as joining an affiliate network and choosing a product to promote — and that’s it.

It’s more than that.

I always email the companies before even considering them for promoting their products. I check up on following things:

–  How quickly they reply
–  How they deal with the people
–  How they payout to the affiliates
–  How gentle or rude they are

You can find a number of affiliate networks to join. Try:

Commission Junction

Again, don’t limit yourself to these networks. The affiliate marketing doesn’t mean these networks. You have to find the right products. Go to the search engine and start hunting for the right products, once you find the products that would really help you and your blog, try it for free and if that’s not possible, go buy it and then start using it for analysis. Make sure the product you’re buying for promotion as part of your affiliate marketing plan, they must be offering an affiliate marketing program.

3) – Sell Your Service or Product

This could be even better.

In this strategy, you don’t rely on any third-party for the money. It’s you and your clients. In fact, you can take your business to the next level by selling your service/product online because you’re free in this. You got your product to sell and all you need is to engage the prospects and convert them into paying customers.

Considering the situation where you don’t have a Google Adsense account anymore. It seems discouraging at times when you’re failed to get one or you lose it somehow.

This blog post is about positivity. This is about getting back to work.

If you don’t feel comfortable in affiliate marketing and find it hard to convert the reader into a convinced referral who goes on and purchases the product, then you can minimize the target audience span even more and harbor your certain audience that could buy your product or service.

How would you do that?

Let me tell you how…

There are a few things to be done in this regard…

a) – Identify your passion

What is exactly that makes you different? If you find nothing and say you don’t have one, I’m sorry I won’t agree with you on this. Because we all have something and not finding that doesn’t mean we don’t have it. If you’re really struggling in finding your passion, start with what makes you happy or what you’re good at, for instance:

Are you good at artwork?
Do you like to fix electric gadgets?
Do you love graphic designing?
Do you feel comfortable while writing?
Are you passionate about photography?

Find that thing that people appreciates you on or ask for your help in getting it done. That might be your passion, my friend.

b) – Build a community

Once you’ve identified your passion, go out and start building the relationship. From Facebook to college, you must be an active person. Ask people to check out your creation. Talk to people you think could inspire you or help advise you on something. In fact, more importantly, start helping out others and try to inspire them. That would be the best way to build a community. In that community building process, never ever forget to highlight what you do. I started a Facebook group called ‘Bloggers‘ and every week new people come in and request to join the group. See, 99% of them are always bloggers who find it on Facebook and ask to join the community. So, try to build a community somewhere.

c) – Engage people and solve problems

The best way to attract people towards you is solving their problems and they will start following you, and that would ultimately lead you to build a community. In fact, it’s more than just building a community. When you help someone out, they remember you with a positive gesture in their mind and they become a sort of future prospect. The purpose of engagement and solving problems is the continuity of the process. You have to be active in this. Keep building relations and stay connected with people. Not only should your content solve the problem, but you should also try to help people in the Facebook groups and Twitter chats. That would be the true essence of engagement.

d) – Offer them paid services

Once in a while, remind people about your paid service. This is what you do for a living. In fact, create a ‘Hire Me‘ page on your personal website or blog. You can link to it in your blog post to let people know about it. Don’t keep on sharing that ‘hire me’ page on social media. Always remember, that ‘hire me’ page isn’t the value, but rather a communication medium. The value is what you publish and tell people that solve their problems.

Also check this: How to Start Selling Your Personal Brand

The topic comes down to selling, which means I need to shed some light on the transactional side of the topic. The topic is wide enough to be specifically discussed but I’ll try to keep it simple and short.

Do you know Darren Rowse of sells his e-books through e-junkie?

You can do it too.

If you don’t have resources like Muhammad Gohar Shafique who created Eccountant, Ivoke, and, then don’t worry about it because you’ll get there someday…

Think about today…

Take some inspiration from Marcie Hill and Lori Hil.

Both are freelance writers. They have their websites and doing incredibly well out there.

Start with something. Start with anything.

Always remember this quote:

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” -Arthur Ashe

4) – Sell Direct Ads on your Blog

This is becoming interesting.

One of the ways of surviving without a Google Adsense account is by selling direct ads on your blog.

This seems really interesting to me.

I’d definitely try this one at some point in my blogging career.

The idea is simple. You and your advertiser (client) come together and decide the terms and conditions via email or skype to place a banner ad for a specific time period on your blog. This would be of any size depending upon the blog design and offering. Most of the times, I’ve seen the direct ads in two sizes:

1) – 125×125
2) – 250×250

It’s totally up to you what you offer.

Now come down to the tools that we can utilize in this. OIO Publisher, ADS PRO, and WP Pro Advertising are few of the popular tools that we could use in this process. However, you can do it the other way around as well. If you want to manage it otherwise by just placing a jpeg image with a hyperlink to the advertiser’s site, that’s fine with me. Those tools actually make the process easier and efficient, that’s all.

If you haven’t been able to come across BuySellAds or PublicityClerks, you could try them as well. These are pretty much direct ad networks and you’ll meet potential advertisers there once your blog is approved on these networks.

As I said, you got to have some traffic and momentum going on, then the options are wide enough.

Tip: Build your email list because it’s your community of loyal readers.

Once you put money behind the back and get your head straight into the blogging process — you’d definitely figure out something about your blog monetization. There are many ways to make money off of a blog.

All you need is to know:

– Who to target
– How to reach out
– What to say
– How to engage
– How to inspire

Because people survive anyway…

Some of them learn a life-changing lesson while others take more time in doing that. Either way, they get through at some point. That’s good to find out actually.

How to get it done

The best way to get it done properly is by starting out creating an advertising page on your blog, and then choose what tool you want to use for banner ads placement. The tools that I’ve mentioned are quite popular… (I haven’t tested them personally…but I reckon they’re good because they are popular)

Once you set up all this. Make sure you have a properly verified account for your payment system so that your payment transactions come without any hassle.

Your Part

Now it’s your turn to respond.

I’ve tried to boost your morale.

I want you to keep going.

We all face hurdles and pitfalls.

The purpose of this post is to help you realize that nothing can stop you…

You still got this and you can definitely fight back and make a living through your blog.

So tell me something…

How would you survive without a Google Adsense account?

25 Ways to Make Money on the Internet

Ways to Make Money on the Internet

How to make money on the internet?

This is the question I get asked the most.

Even more than this one:

Is blogging a real profession?

So, I sat down and told myself…

Let’s stop focusing on the personal branding for a few days…

Get back to the basic stuff for now… and help people understand this way.

You might have been blogging for years, but we all know that we meet people at friends’ weddings who try to grab the next seat from us to ask our blogging success secrets…

(So, I decided to enjoy the weddings to the fullest by writing a comprehensive guide on money making on the internet)

If you have been reading my content for quite some time now, then you probably notice that I don’t jump on to the topic right away if there is some explanation needs to be given.

So, here we go.

Before telling you a bundle of ideas to start making money on the internet, it’s my utmost duty to share the ingredients of it or what actually makes things possible.

Have you noticed people make hundreds of thousands of dollars?

If you’re from Pakistan and India, you probably know about Abdul Wali, a Udemy instructor and an online money making expert, you might have heard about Muhammad Haris, the maker of the best-selling Avada WordPress Theme, and Hisham Sarwar, one of the top freelancers of

Everything looks great. Isn’t it?

When you ask them about their journey, they’d tell you, it wasn’t easy at all.

In fact, if you ask any of the successful people out there, what you’ll find out is that he didn’t quit, instead, that person chose to keep going.

The Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States of America. He was one of the respected leaders as well as politicians.

Adam Grant reveals in his book Give and Take that Abraham Lincoln was a giver. He believes in giving so much that he actually favored his contender in an election that he was running for because he thought his contender could actually deliver better, so he opted to support him.

Folks, why am I discussing this?

Do you know why?

Because I want you to know that there are a few things that will be needed in order to succeed online and those things are:

a) Passion: First off, it must be identified. If you find it and feel that this is something you’ll never ever hate, then you must choose it to make it your career. Once there is a passion for something, the chances are, you’re going to succeed.

b) Consistency: Secondly, you have to be consistent in order to turn things around. Because following the passion would be the toughest thing at some point and there won’t be any alternative around. At that moment of life, if you regret then you might end up quitting and if you don’t regret then you will end up successful down the road.

c) Learning: Thirdly, the learning part is essential. No matter where you reach or how good you become at anything, if you’re not a learner, you will never improve. And this isn’t an option here. You have to be a learner.

Here comes the cream:

25 Ways to Make Money on the Internet

Do not ever limit yourself to the numbers. If I say 25 ways, find 100 more. I don’t like the limits, neither should you. Take a deep breath and start reading these ways to make money on the internet:

#1) – Start selling your graphic designing art

Let’s begin with the graphic designing. It might take a 3-month short course for you to get the basic know-how of graphic designing. You won’t beat the graphic design graduate, but if you got passion for graphic designing, there is no way anyone can stop you from getting success. The internet is huge and everyone with a certain skill set has got some piece of cake there. It depends on the target audience whether it exists on the internet or not, if you target audience hasn’t arrived on the internet yet, then the progress will be slower than expected. However, you can find your way out of every hurdle. Try Behance and Dribbble platforms to get started. One of the major keys to success on the internet is being at the right place.

#2) – Become a freelance writer

One of the popular online careers is freelance writing. People across the globe come over and offer their content writing services. If you’re good at this, make sure you know your passion and you must be an up-to-date person with your field. It’s always good to have someone who is quite interested in the niche, for instance, if a content writer is passionate about online marketing, then hiring him/her for health content might not be very ideal, instead, if a content writer who happens to be a medical professional or students, then it could turn the table around. Writing isn’t just about research and rephrasing the material, you got to have some kind of knowledge and point-of-view on things you’re writing. Try out Fiverr, ProBlogger Job board, and BloggerJobs. It doesn’t mean this is the end of the world, you may not find the client today, try tomorrow, then again after a few days, and keep trying. In fact, don’t limit yourself to these platforms, there are plenty of such platforms. I don’t recommend hanging yourself to those freelance platforms, be a free bird and make sky the limit. You can build your personal brand around your writing passion and start selling your brand.

#3) – Start writing a blog

The blog writing is itself a money making method in which you can choose how you can make money. There are various monetization models to adopt. It really depends on what kind of blog you have and what your purpose of your blogging is. A niche blog is normally monetized through affiliate marketing, whereas other blogs could be monetized through pay-per-click and CPM advertising. It doesn’t really matter what kind of ad you choose as long as it is in-line with your audience. Money making blogging is a term that is extremely popular on the internet which depicts the methodology of blogging to make money online. Now every blogger has its own strategy of making making. Some of them sell direct ads using the tools like OIO Publisher, ADS PRO, and WP Pro Advertising, meaning, by using these tools, you don’t have any third-party in between you and your customer (advertiser). In fact, you can try BuySellAds or PublicityClerks, as they’re proper networks for selling and buying adverts. These were a few of the names out there to start selling ads. We haven’t even considered PPC and CPM ad companies yet. It depends on your blog niche that what kind of audience you have and then it might help you choose the right ad network or affiliate advertising for that. Affiliate networks like ShareaSale and Clickbank are very popular these days.

#4) – Become an Online Tutor

It’s legit. There are a number of platforms that are actually helping students out in finding the right kind of tutors they are looking for. In other words, they are giving online tutors a chance to earn some good amount of money via part-time and full-time online tutoring. When it comes to money making on the internet, the opportunities are humongous. It’s up to us that how we begin to realize our real passion and give it the right direction. Some of us love being an instructor and somehow want to keep involving the in the teaching activities. Well, if that teaching passion starts paying your bills, then this passion is worth following. Check out Course Hero, StudentLance, and Udacity to actually become an online tutor.

#5) – Launch your Online Course

If you ever thought about launching your online course, then it’s the right moment to start doing it. One of the popular ways of making money on the internet is selling online courses. It’s totally based on your expertise and passion. It’s not an easy buck strategy, of course. It requires a lot of hustle. It certainly made it to the list because people do create online courses to make money on the internet, especially in business development, life coaching, entrepreneurship, and digital marketing. Try Udemy for starting your online course without worrying about the website hosting & launching headache. Teachable does the hosting and management stuff. Rainmaker is also a competitor in the arena. There is another player called ZippyCourses platform which is a WordPress tool for course selling.

#6) – Sell your consultancy

Nobody is going to come over and tell you to start selling your consultancy. It’s just you who needs to make a decision. You’re alone in this. You got to find that passion and desire to do it. If you’re good at something, go get it, hone it, and give it a shot. Selling your consultancy is all about your passion and the life you choose for yourself. You can’t be a life coach and expert if you haven’t decided to be one. Life coaching is all about using the past experience, failures, and success altogether and setting the examples for others. You may end up finding blogging your biggest passion and you could be selling your consultancies online and offline through different ways. It’s an opened world. Find it. Hone it. Sell it. Check out SoHelpFul and for selling your consultancy over the phone. These are quite organized platforms for entrepreneurs and experts to sell their expertise online.

#7) – Create your Product

Creating a product is one of the hardest ways to make money on the internet but it is worth it. The coolest part is that it involves your passion and that’s enough to back you up. Creating a product is quite a gigantic approach which needs to be cut down according to our need and requirement. The product could be of any type. It could be an innovative PC software, a WordPress plugin, a SAAS product, or even an e-book. This begins with what you want to do. No matter it’s an iPhone app of recipes or a fitness management book. You can do a lot on the internet. Figuring out what to do is the real difficult part of actually getting it done. Once you’ve figured out, you may want to jump on to some online selling platforms to get started. Check out Selz, E-Junkie, PayLoadz, and Sellfy.

#8) – Conduct Paid Seminars

I’m not sure how much you know about webinars or how many of you are expert-level professionals here, but webinar is something you should definitely try at some point in your online career. Because webinars have become a vital marketing and engagement tool. It has an amazing conversion rate regardless of niche. It’s possible because it squeezes the funnel and the most loyal or interest audience comes forward to attend the webinar that you host for them. Now, there are certain things you might want to consider in order to succeed in webinar hosting such as choosing the right topic, using the best webinar tools, making it easy for the attendees to join in, and giving away the value in return. Webinars aren’t possible without the best webinar tools. Try WebinarNinja, MegaMeeting, or AnyMeeting.

#9) – Sell Blogs or Websites

Selling websites and blogs is part of the huge e-commerce industry that is growing at a very fast pace. Selling websites and blogs is one of the ways to make money on the internet. It doesn’t work like the other methods where you use the blog or website to represent your business or utilize it to make money. It actually requires you to sell your web property out to the customers that win the bid or paying you a good amount money. Flippa and Empire Flippers are quite the platforms that appear on the first page of Google if you search about selling a website.

#10) – Make Video Reviews

If you’re new into money making online arena, you might not know about this but this method of money making will definitely get some heat in the near future. The tech and beauty enthusiasts are the experts in this area. Tech geek like Austin Evans and makeup artist like Sydney Alexandra are the perfect examples of this. These folks make great videos in their niche and review the latest products in their respective areas and let the audience know about those products. They kind of review the products and help guide the viewers about the products. Such experts often get brand deals or free products from the brands to get reviewed. It’s all about following the passion and choosing the right direction. Once you’ve spend some time there, opportunities start to sprout for you.

#11) – Start an Online Store

Online stores are no joke. E-commerce has been one of the emerging industries on the global scale. If you want to make money on the internet, starting an online store could be a huge deal. In fact, it could be the most viable option to establish an online business. There are definitely some perks of being an owner of an online store such as you don’t need a huge office to manage, you don’t need a big staff to handle the operations, and thirdly you don’t have to invest a lot in the inventory to get started. Many online retail stores start at the slow pace and with the passage of time they grow into the bigger businesses. BigCommerce, Shopify, and Magento are some of the popular e-store builders to get started.

#12) – Sell Crafts & Handmade Products

Selling the crafts & handmade products has never been that easier. If you’re an expert in this, you should be happy that you can make money on the internet by doing what you love. If you haven’t thought about that yet, well then it’s the time to start thinking. If you’re good at this, meaning, you love to make crafts and handmade products such as jewelry, decoration pieces, cutlery, then you should think about establishing an online business. Check out Etsy, if you think it’s not possible. All you need is a little bit of self-belief in this. You can establish a Facebook page to get started. Name your brand on the Facebook page, build the items, take the pics, and upload them to the Facebook page. The next part is the promotion and marketing. Once you’re there, you would have to start learning about online marketing and social media engagement, which is totally fine, but at least you’d be working online at that point. This article by Rob Nightingale can take your crafts selling plan to the next level.

#13) –  Sell Imported Goods

Do check the local law and regulation before doing any work on this. In fact, I’m just sharing the ideas to work on the internet, once you move forward to get started, it’s better to get the proper information about business registration and all that. This idea came into my mind because I’ve seen people do this here in Pakistan. They somehow order products either from Amazon or Aliexpress, then they create their seller accounts on local sites like and and they do sell the stuff online. You can surely find out your local online marketplaces to become a seller.

#14) – Make Cookies & Eatables

Everyone doesn’t like cooking and baking stuff but many of you might be into this. Where there is a will, there is a way. If you’re passionate about cooking or baking, you can set up your small business at home and start taking orders via Facebook or website. It all begins with your passion and will. You might be able to only take orders from the local customers, but it’s worth it. Check out the Facebook pages of Mini Treats and Ayesha’s Bake. These are custom cake makers in Lahore, Pakistan. If you want to make money on the internet, use your passion to build a business around it and internet will help you get started with this.

#15) – Start a YouTube Channel

A YouTube channel is probably more familiar to everyone but how to turn into a money making business, that would be the question for everyone. Well, this isn’t the rocket science, if you’re in one of those 60 countries where YouTube allows its partner program, you can easily start monetization in your YouTube account and start making money off of your video views. YouTube actually pays based on per thousands views and there are many other factors involved in this which finalize the earning that you actually earn and receive. That’s not the main issue, the issue is what kind of YouTube channel you would make. It could be either a vlogging channel, how-to, life hacks, makeup, fashion, or a specific niche channel. There could be hundreds of categories on YouTube. It’s you who decides what kind of a YouTube channel to be made. The passion works here too. You have to do YouTube thing based on your passion and skill set.  You have probably seen many YouTube channels. I follow more than 100 YouTube channels, most of them are vloggers, some are funny skits creator, a few of them are entrepreneurs, and the rest of them are video makers who have specific interests and they create their videos around those interests. For instance, 3 Idiotz Pakistan make funny skits in Urdu. Taimoor aka Mooroo is another Pakistani video creator, and they have been doing videos for a long time. Now you often find their funny skits that involve product endorsements and promotions. This means they get paid for those promotions, which is great. When you work hard for years and finally it pays off, it’s certainly worth admiring. So, a YouTube channel could be a starting point of an online career. Start this thing if you’re really into videos and acting.

#16) – Start Vlogging on YouTube

One of the my favorite things is vlogging. It’s also known as video blogging. Besides blogging and freelance writing, if there is something I’m interested in is vlogging. I’m in so much love with vlogging that I started it last year and after getting 6 months experience in it, I launched to help guide new starters who can learn more about vlogging and create a part-time living on the internet. This guide to start vlogging and becoming a vlogger will help you understand and learn vlogging. It takes so much time just like blogging to get traction and developing a brand. Once you create an audience and keep uploading the vlogs, you get noticed by the brands for different promotional and sponsorship deals. In short, it’s a great way to make money on the internet. All it requires from vloggers is persistence and passion.

#17) – Become an Instagrammer

Have you ever thought to make money off of your Instagram account? Do you know popular Instagrammers make money from their Instagram. Everything becomes so possible once you spend time and build a brand around anything you like. It becomes impossible not to win when you dedicatedly work hard and give your years in something. There are millions of examples of becoming successful on being consistent. Casey Neistat worked almost 7 to 8 years in the video making, then his career boosted on YouTube and he won YouTuber of the Year Award at the 8th Annual Shorty Awards. Similarly, there are bunch of Instagram stars out there that I don’t know much about but they do exist. I have literally seen people racing towards 3000 to 5000 Instagram followers and end up getting promotional deals with the brands. You might get hired by the brands if you have a passion for beauty, makeup, or fitness. The Instagram isn’t just about beauty and females thing, you name your passion and Instagram will say a big YES to you. This is a whole new world. Check this article of, also take a look at list of top 100 Instagram accounts in the world, and finally a friend of mine Sharjeel who is an Instagrammer and a fitness freak who loves Instagram because he collaborates with other Instagrammers and meets new people around the world on Instagram.

#18) – Offer Digital Marketing Service

If you’re in digital marketing arena, you can certainly start offering a digital marketing service. Most probably, if you’re into digital marketing, you’d already be doing some of kind social media promotion and online marketing, so I don’t need to explain you that how you can make money on the internet. But if you aren’t a digital marketing geek, then there is a chance that you could explore it more and come up with the digital marketing solution. For instance, you should present yourself, meaning, your manifestation as a brand will eventually engage the audience. All this begins with a website, then utilizing the digital marketing tools such as blog writing, online advertising, and social media promotion. Once you start doing it for yourself, you’ll earn some experience on how to optimizing a Facebook ads campaign or how to utilizing the Google Adwords for the best. This experience will help you write your articles and case studies, which would separately help you engage the prospective brands that are looking for hiring someone for their digital marketing. Meet Abu Bakar Sadeeq, for instance, he helps his customers in digital marketing and conversion optimization. He has been doing work in digital marketing field for quite some time now.

#19) – Start a Facebook Page

Starting a Facebook page does seem walking through a dark walkway because you aren’t sure where it would go ultimately. The key to success is persistence and engagement. You can achieve these two things if you don’t have something to say or you don’t care about others. Once you know what you have to share, you’d somehow try to do it. So, the bottom line is, you have to do something you like. At the end of the day, you’ll realize that if you want to make money on the internet, you got to choose something you’re passionate about, secondly you have to keep improving, and thirdly you must be helpful towards others. Comics by Arsalan is a fine example of making money on Facebook. He used his passion of cartoon making into Facebook and developed a community around his Facebook page. He uses the current happenings and events to elaborate or mimic through his cartoons.  I have seen his sponsored mentions as well and I felt so good for him because he was winning at something and I was learning a lesson out of his victory. This point means you can start a Facebook page if you think you have a passion and you’re not into web launching or blog writing and you think Facebook is a go-to place for you on the internet. There are many individuals and brands that run popular pages in different countries. You can do the same. Just remember before making a start that don’t start it to make money online, but rather start it because you love it. For instance, if you’re a Bollywood movies fan, you can start a Facebook page that updates Bollywood fans about gossips, celebs, movies, and release dates. There is a always a space of genuine and reliable work on the internet. All you need is keep on learning the industry ethics and standards.

#20) – Become a Logo Designer

Are you a graphic design geek? Did you love Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop? If yes, you probably don’t know that graphic designing is one of the highest paid jobs online. The logo designer does seem a version of graphic designing. Nowadays, the graphic designers are quite well-paid professionals, despite the competition on the market. The freelance platforms have reengineered the careers of graphic designers who used to struggle otherwise in the countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. If you think you’re into logo designing, you should diversify yourself from a regular graphic designer who is up for any kind of graphic designing job. Try 99designs, StockLogos, or BrandCrowd.

#21) – Become a Social Media Manager

The social media has grown in a way we never expected. This means the opportunities are multiplying as well. A few years back, people were not aware of a job vacancy of a content writer, similarly, a social media manager was an alien to them, I promise. Now, the social media is evolving and we have to cope with it accordingly. A social media manager is someone who does the job of promoting a brand on the social media, manages the stuff on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and LinkedIn while others are busy in production, administration, and accounts. It isn’t that simple to sit on a computer and post on the social media on the behalf of the company. It begins with the idealization of the brand’s target audience and understanding the brand’s product, then finding the right platform for the brand, and later on start engaging with the prospective audience to bring them onboard. Brent Jones is a full-time social media consultant. He discussed his freelance consultancy service while questioning his guest and revealed that lots of people out there consider the freelancing to the freelance writing only. And then, he revealed that he does social media consultancy as a freelancer. Brent, actually made my point of making money on the internet stronger than before.

#22) – Sell E-book Covers

It’s all about the ideas, passion, and creativity. If you got this, you can do anything and make money off of it. The internet world is full of opportunities. Every need comes with an opportunity, if you’re a creator who can create a solution, you can win online. Now, e-books are all about the internet. E-books are not just about writing and selling on the Amazon. People sell e-books in their courses as well as on their blogs. Check Darren Rowse‘s strategy of selling e-books on his Photography and camera gear blog called Digital Photography School. If you’re interested in graphic designing, then you might take a few minutes to design an e-book cover. The point is, if you’re not, then how you can do it. Well, you got to find the right tools to start using them. Try Canva.

#23) – Become an Affiliate Marketer

This is a bit generic thing to say that become an affiliate marketer to make money on the internet. Well, the point is, what kind of affiliate marketer one should be? That’s the question. To answer that question, it’ll be appropriate to explain the philosophy of affiliate marketing. You don’t have to be a special affiliate marketer in order to apply affiliate marketing in your work, instead, you only need to know what it is and how it works. The affiliate marketing process means you refer the products to the customers, when they buy it, you earn commission from the seller. This concept isn’t that simple as it looks. There is a lot of psychology and trustworthiness involved in this process. It all begins with your personal experience when you buy a product and think that it is worth spreading and recommending, then you write a review on it and promote it on your website or blog. This is how it begins. The affiliate marketing could be your mainstream monetization strategy in your blogging.

#24) – Start Public Speaking

You might feel overwhelmed at this one. How can someone make money off of public speaking? Well, if you’re passionate about public speaking, then you don’t need my explanation on that. Because you would definitely know that nothing comes quickly and you have to live through it to find out what it takes to become a  public speaker and if you’re truly passionate about public speaking, then you won’t listen to anyone who says to quit on your dream. You’ll just do it. Now public speaking has become way easier than it used to be. We have now YouTube, live streaming, webinars, social media, and above of all the internet to communicate and put our ideas and thoughts online. All you need is courage and ideas to change lives. If you have such traits, you’re good to go. Now, the technical part is, nobody exactly knows when you would make money purely off of your public speaking. You may have to build a brand as a public speaker in order to attract the audience and ultimately it would take time. Once you start attracting the audience, the chances are, you might land yourself some speaking gigs, but just like any other internet business, you don’t have to focus on your payment checks, all you have to see is SPEAKING. Always remember that money isn’t your target in the first place, you love speaking and you will keep doing that because you love it. Trust me, anything you’d do with that plan and dedication, not only will you earn money, but you will also earn love and respect. Follow TEDx Talks on YouTube to learn about public speaking.

#25) – Sell Your Service

This might be the most versatile option but it will conclude the topic of making money online for now. Selling your service actually means getting paid for the work you do for others. It could be anything which you do and you’re good at. It doesn’t matter what it is, because it depends on the individual’s expertise and ability. The idea is basically start marketing whatever you’ve got to offer. For instance, I started blogging and diversified my thing into another thing and ultimately added the freelance writing into my income streams, both are relevant and pretty much the same thing. The concept is that, not only does it require you to find your passion, but it also needs to look at the potential customers out there. Everything doesn’t come so fast, it takes time. If you’re offering something that people don’t know yet, it might take time for them to get to know it. All you should be doing is helping them know the process you’re in. If you just back off because no one is buying your service, you’ll never going to sell anything either because you don’t want to handle the pressure, disappointment, and failures or you don’t have those guts. Never afraid of rejection and failures. Face them with a smile because you would have two options and you would have to pick one of them, either choose ‘GIVE UP’ or pick ‘LEARNING’. The option you choose will define your future while selling your service. Of course, you should passionate enough to sell your service and you must know that people really need this thing that you’re trying to introduce to them. Sometimes, people market the service to the wrong audience and ultimately give up when they don’t see any response, so choose your service and target audience correctly.

Your Part

I’ve shared a number of ways to make money on the internet.

There are always a plenty of options to pick.

You must know what you believe in…

Go whatever that suits you best.

Make it your passion.

One of the keys to identifying something as your passion is, of course, if you want to know whether it’s your passion or not, just start doing it without being noticed or helped. You’ll feel that you just want to do it and want to be better at it. Maybe, that would be your passion.

If that won’t happen, you’ll quit and move on.

Tell me one thing.

What option would you choose to make money on the internet?