3 Biggest Secrets of Creating Content on Blogs

Do you read articles on top blogs that get shared a lot?

Do you know what’s the secret of their success?

Creating Content doesn’t finish the job.

There is something else you should know. If you are wondering that people open your blog posts, give 4 to 6 seconds to your posts and walk away, then your content is missing the exact same thing which my content used to miss till last year…

I’ve been blogging since 2009, and somewhere in my mind, I wasn’t really excited about my Content Creation, although I served many clients, I’ve given content writing services to foreign clients, and still loving my freelance writing…

But, I wanted to be better. I wanted to be more prominent. I kept on absorbing tips from the influencers, I kept on learning from the experts.

Bloggers started approaching me for guest posts, even SEO Industry Giant SEMRush’s editorial team member reached me for a guest post, which was one of the best experiences of my life to publish the guest post where Bloggers and Marketing Experts such as Neil Patel, Andrew Dennis, Mathew Umbro, Ron Sela, Darren Shaw, Kathleen Garvin, Gael Breton, Cody Jensen, Elena Terenteva, Olga Andrienko and Sam Bernes have appeared.

Next part is important.

If you apply these 3 things which I’m going to explain in the next part of this article, you’d be surprised within the few months of the implementation. Nothing instantly happens, even paid online advertising doesn’t quickly start performing. Give it some time to respond.

3 Biggest Secrets of Creating Content on Blogs

Here I’m mentioning 3 secrets of content creation you should be following in order to create great content:

1. Pinch the Emotions of the Readers

Yes, pinch them politely. Don’t hurt. You’re there to help, not hurt. Just a small nudge to make them realize that they can get what they want.

Play psychology in order to get their attention. There is nothing wrong with attracting your readers in order to give them something worthwhile.

When you got something important that can help them, then politely ask them, like this:

Are you not getting website visitors?

Did you fail in making your first blog successful?

Why did you quit blogging when you should have these things?

It’s about how you attract readers. I’m impressed with Sean Ogle’s recent email newsletter in which you made me open his email by making an incredibly engaging subject line:

attractive email title

Similarly, in another email, Alex Jeffreys almost got my attention when I saw his email and quickly went to check out the link.

email marketing technique

These experts (and their examples) give you a lesson to create a surprise for people and followers around – Make sure it would be rewarding and positive in nature, otherwise, consequences will be negative such as you might lose the subscriber or get a negative comment/reply.

2. Fill up the Content with Solutions

Solutions are important. Influencers and top bloggers give solutions in their content, speeches and webinars, which is why they attract people, and people went to them to learn something amazing.

[bctt tweet=”One of the secrets I learned in past three years is ‘Create the Solutions‘”]

Help readers (people) no matter what.

Either you write, create SlideShare, make a video or record an mp3. Do it for the people. They (people) should either enjoy or start using it.

If they do one of the above-mentioned things, you’ll be happy to see the progress.

I recently subscribed to DeathOfStockPhotos. It’s a stock photography service which sends you free and paid stock photo content through the newsletter. I subscribed for the free version to give it a try… and guess what, I received a pack of few HD pictures… even more than 10 MB in size (each picture)… I was stunned to see the quality of pictures…

email newsletter message

While subscribing, I read somewhere on DeathOfStockPhotos that they send a newsletter once a month… and that was the second email in this month and it comes with that message:

I actually smiled while checking the email and suddenly opened it. See what I did find!

So I obviously liked the email newsletter, I had no problem getting another pack of free photos from DOSP… Obviously, they weren’t asking for any favoring, they were doing a favor to us (subscribers)…

I realized it was actually a solution for me and many others receiving their email newsletter…

When you do something helpful for people, people try to understand it and they appreciate your effort in their own way.

So, always add up a solution to your Content. Adding a useful tool, providing the links in your content and telling something which helps them are the different ways to thank others.


When one of my good friends Salman Baig launched his free Ebook called ‘Whiterank‘, he made it available for free for everyone who wants to learn a clean method to rank your website without any backlink.

That was great!

Get your content valued by offering the maximum you can. Readers will respond you if they like your work – If I read someone’s content randomly or get to find something new, and if I really like that, I pursue the author on Social Media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Slideshare and Instagram to follow him/her.

It’s like give and take. Be prepared to give much more than you take…

It is always GIVE, GIVE, and GIVE in the beginning.

When I wrote the newsletter about free items which I provided in the email and subject of the email was ‘Free Online Tools You Should Try for Your Business‘, I received CTR higher than industry’s average at that time.

3. Add Real-life Examples

I’ve been quite active among bloggers in various Blogging Groups on Facebook and Google+ Communities. I’ve seen people really like to know about your experience – You probably find people asking for reviews of the products and services…  

I explained few months back that Why I did renew my web hosting with Bluehost, which can be a perfect example of adding real-life examples. I tried to explain and shared relevant references to make sure new people (in blogging or who want to start) reach somewhere safe in this journey (of blogging).

Real life examples attract people because they know something has already happened and now they can learn something out of it.

Adding real life and personal examples legitimize your passion and care about readers, obviously, you give your time and recall the story just for readers, and interestingly people like to know what happened, later on, some of them pursue to get further in the story.

So, real life examples add up spice and taste in the content.

Make sure you try to keep adding real life stories in your content.

[bctt tweet=”Content Marketing is a combination of experiences, great lessons, and informative thoughts!”]


Last Part

Content Creation is all about giving something helpful to the readers – when readers find something good or entertaining they instantly share with their friends.

Would you keep in mind these 3 Secrets of Content Creation? What else you think can be added to this article? Share with me in the comments!

Screenshots credit: Salman Baig, Deathofstockphotos, Sean Ogle and Alex Jeffreys.

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  1. Hello Hassan,

    You are right. It is all about creating something for the people. I agree with all the points you have shared here.

    Writing like a robot may bring some momentary traffic, but in the long run it will lead to ashtray

    • Thanks for reading and giving your nice comment.


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