5 Myths About Facebook Ad Campaigns for Online Advertising

Facebook Ad Campaigns become the most important part of any Online Advertising strategy because the deal has everything like target reach, approach, and solutions, but myths about Facebook Ad Campaigns for Online Advertising are still there.

People believe what they experience. Sometimes they believe in others who couldn’t pull the trigger of Facebook Advertising in the right way…

Both types of Merchants, Brands and Entrepreneurs end up frustrated on Facebook Advertising. On being a Blogger, Content Creator, and Entrepreneur, I’ve experienced Facebook Advertising and found it really technical and professional service to use.

This article is based on personal experience + market observations. As I thought, if you couldn’t do something well, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work when others are doing quite convincingly… No offense, as this article isn’t based on any discrimination, biased views or hatred for those who don’t like Facebook Advertising, but the sole purpose is an effort to help Brands, Small Merchants, Affiliate Marketers and Investors to understand Facebook Ad Campaigns for Online Advertising.

Honestly speaking, I also failed earlier in my Facebook Advertising Campaigns, but then I did some A/B Split testing, ran different campaigns, tried to achieve different goals, and then I found out you have to choose different strategies for every campaign.

Now I can successfully run Facebook Ad Campaigns, and besides that, I thought to talk about some myths about Facebook Advertising. Here I’m mentioning five of them:  


Myth # 1

Low Conversion Rate

People believe that Facebook Ad Campaigns have actually low conversion rate as people are likely to expect to like the page or post rather than click on the sign-up or learn more button to actually purchase the service.

Even if they are right and people are getting involved with your page after liking your sponsored post, they might check your page or come later on to your page when they see your next page status updates.

Engagement matters, not likes or sudden action of purchase…

I think it’s just a myth that Facebook Advertising has low conversion rate – Social Media is all about Communication, Contacts, and Engagement. So try to engage people, help them and make their things easier, the conversion will be seen.


Myth # 2

Expensive Advertising Rates

The second myth about Facebook Advertising is that it’s expensive – It’s expensive if you don’t know how to do it or maybe you’re targeting your market without certain smart tricks. Usually campaigns whether Per Click or CPM on facebook get costly if they are made for top markets like USA, UK, Canada and Australia…

Do you know how Facebook Ads Gurus do it?

They add up low-pricing markets (countries) also in their campaign along with top territories and get comparatively low advertising cost.

If you create a campaign for countries like Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA and Canada, and besides that you also add countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Iraq, Sudan, Zimbabwe, West Indies, Afghanistan, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia and few more from the region, there are chances you’ll observe a huge difference in the cost.

Experts believe that you should let Facebook System to decide the click or CPM rate (pricing) rather than provide a fixed rate which is not recommended by the Facebook – Because there are chances that your ad might go down in the ads inventory due to self-determined low pricing.

Well, I talked to Samir Saleem – He is a Blogger, Online Marketer, and Facebook Advertising Consultant. He is one of the best guys I know out there who are doing Facebook Advertising for years and known for their great results.

He also agreed with me that it’s about Campaign Creation and Management – The more significantly and precisely you define your campaign, the most accurate results would be…


Myth # 3

Less Advertising Models

People really think that Facebook Advertising doesn’t offer many options to fulfill the demand of many customers – They probably say because they find two different types of ads on the Facebook timeline which are on their wall and sidebar…

Well, Facebook provides advertisers and marketers a chance to play psychologically in the advertising to get perfect results.

Facebook focuses on providing behavioral models to target people based on advertiser’s demand through data analytics… And of course, it largely depends on the advertiser’s goal achievement.

As far as advertising models are concerned, there are plenty of options Advertiser can use to reach the audience on a large scale. Take a look at the ads types you can pick to start your Facebook Ads Campaign:

 facebook advertising campaign types

Myth # 4

No Value-added Features

You might hear people saying about Facebook Advertising that there aren’t any value-added features in this advertising service. Value-added is normally a term used in any package/service/purchase which involves some extra value integrated with the actual entity.

facebook advertising campaigns

Screenshot credit: Facebook

I received an email from Facebook during my campaigns that advertisers with monthly $500 or more budget can get Facebook Advertising Assistant from Facebook who will be dedicated to helping them optimizing the campaigns for customers for better results.

Similarly, Bluehost is one of the best web hosting companies in the world and commonly known as Best WordPress Webhosting to use for Bloggers, Online Marketers, and Small Businesses. It also offers Facebook Advertising credits to the customers on Webhosting Account Purchase (for the US and Canadian Customers).

You can’t actually claim that it doesn’t have any value-added thing in the bag – Maybe not directly, but somehow it does – If you run your Facebook Ad Campaigns successfully and make it profitable for your business, then nothing would be compared to that.


Myth # 5

Lack of Marketing Tools Integration

People normally use Facebook Advertising Dashboard for Campaigns and the perception is pretty clear out there that it doesn’t collaborate with third-party services – I don’t think it’s true!

Wishpond is a fantastic and the most amazing online marketing toolkit for Online Promotion and Marketing Campaigns Management. It provides a variety of options and products to use on your website and blog to engage the audience and create leads for your business.

online marketing tool with facebook ad management

Screenshot credit: Wishpond

You can integrate your Facebook Advertising Campaign with Wishpond Online Marketing Service to test the results and actually to manage your Facebook advertising right from the Wishpond dashboard.

Your Part

That was from my side – Now it’s your turn. Please tell me what did you find in this article. Did you start knowing Facebook Advertising better after reading this article? Would you consider my points while running your next Facebook Ad Campaign?

Use the comments section to write your views on your experience with Facebook Advertising.

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