5 Important Things to Start an Affiliate Marketing Program

Starting an Affiliate Marketing Program isn’t that simple. There are certainly some important things every brand, merchant and seller needs to take care of. Executing the launch of Affiliate Marketing Program begins with the approach and goal selection, and later on ends with a long-term strategy.

Besides that, there are few important things in between these two important elements to Start an Affiliate Marketing Program. Every Small and Medium-sized merchant dreams to take a step ahead to move its sales and distribution to the next level, but not everyone catches the same awesome pace in the progress.

Make sure you know about Affiliate Marketing – And more importantly you know  how to gear up your plans to boost your Sales figures with an Affiliate Marketing program.

Now, if you’re getting closer to the launch of your Affiliate Marketing Program, then you’ll surely get something in this post, and if you aren’t clear about Affiliate Marketing and Small Businesses, then I’ll recommend to read my previous post on Affiliate Marketing Program Setup.

Why to Start an Affiliate Marketing Program?

Affiliate Marketing experts or Affiliate Marketers always come across these questions.

Why to do it?

Why to actually setup your own Affiliate Marketing program for your company?

So, I take this question positively, and I encourage people when they ask me about Sales and Promotion Strategies along with Online Presence for their businesses…

Most of them don’t know how Affiliate Marketing actually works. So, I explain them.

In Affiliate Marketing, Seller/Manufacturer/Retailer launches a promotional revenue program which allows others to make money with that program by selling that company or seller’s products using the given method (and conditions).

If you already know Affiliate Marketing, you would agree with me on the importance of Affiliate Marketing – If you’re not into blogging and Affiliate Marketing, I bet you still know about it…

All you need is to listen to me…

Have you ever rented your apartment? Have you hired any Real Estate Consultant to provide you a new house and once you get that through him, you pay him/her the commission… because he/she worked as a facilitator between landlord and paying-guest.

Similarly, Companies/Merchants start their Affiliate Marketing programs, so that they make sure that internet marketers (or anyone interested) join  their program to promote and bring new sales to the company.

Affiliate Marketing is an extremely important, rapidly growing and engaging marketing technique which helps online businesses, ecommerce product sellers and e-services to pay referrals a percentage of price as commission to get sales.

This is how it works.

Who can Start an Affiliate Marketing Program?

Anyone. Yes, if you’ve got something to sell, you might be able to get started with Affiliate Marketing. To elaborate this, I would say, if any seller who gets the ability to sell products or service online, can actually run an Affiliate Marketing program to get more sales and let people promote the Affiliate Marketing program.

But, Affiliate Marketing is more likely to be associated with Digital Products and Online Selling items – Although Garments and Electronics are famous online selling items, but Web hosting, Softwares and Online Subscriptions are easy to manage for Affiliate Marketing perspective.

It doesn’t just count selling through affiliate members.

It covers production, readiness and delivery of items (products)…

Big superstore chains like Target and Walmart also run their affiliate programs on their e-stores. 

 things in affiliate marketing

5 Important Things to Start an Affiliate Marketing Program


1)  – Data and Stats Management

Data talks. Without seeing proper stats and analytics of any web based program, end-user won’t be able to get through. In order to analyze the quality, management and whole system of an Affiliate Marketing Program, make sure you’ve seen the Stats and Data Management in the demo edition both of merchant and end-user.

Merchants need to know the details about the Affiliates they are getting, from ‘Affiliates details’ to their ‘Web Properties quality’, there are whole lot of things which are needed to be taken care in this process.

2) – Payout Options for Affiliates

Normally payout option comes at the end – But, payout options availability comes at first place for Affiliate Marketers. Whenever an Affiliate Marketer comes to analyze any Affiliate Marketing Program, he can’t walk away or step forward without looking for Payout options.

Payments are necessary – So are payment methods.

Generally Affiliate Marketing Networks pay to their affiliates through Paypal, Check and Bank Wire. However, some of the merchants also pay through Skrill, Payza and other payment methods.

Affiliate Marketers always look for payout options and methods. Of course Payout Options aren’t limited to payment methods. It also includes duration of payment cycle with other similar details.

So, if you’re a merchant and looking to setup your Affiliate Marketing Program through a reliable and affordable Affiliate Marketing Network, then make sure you must analyze payout options and details.

3) – Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions’ is an important part of the program. You can’t just ignore them to proceed with the launch of your Affiliate Marketing Program. There is a bunch of information in this section which you might need to know.

It tends you to decide whether you want to proceed with the Affiliate Network or not. Normally Companies/Affiliate Networks use Policy or Terms of Use sections to display their terms and conditions for their programs.

Take a look on this part.

4) – Cookies duration

One of the important factors of Affiliate Marketing Program is Cookies duration. Merchant who looks to start an Affiliate Marketing Program must find out the Cookies duration. If Affiliate Marketing Network gives option to set manually, then it’s quite fine, otherwise it must be at least 60 days by default.

Affiliate Marketers don’t feel comfortable with 30 days Cookies duration. Cookies duration in Affiliate Marketing means the duration of referral in which conversion counts (after Click/Action took place).

For example, if cookies duration is 60 days on the Affiliate Marketing program you’ve joined, if you refer a customer to the company through Affiliate Marketing program, then the referred person would remain your referral for 60 days (and if it becomes a paid customer, you’ll get the commission).

5) – Reporting Frequency

Some Affiliate Marketing Programs shows reporting and stats of referrals and visitors after 24 hours. Real-time frequency and reporting make any Affiliate Marketing program very prominent. Affiliate Marketers prefer Affiliate Marketing programs with quick reporting.

Every merchant who looks to setup his/her Affiliate Marketing Program must know that reporting frequency is quite essential for internet marketing. Some tracking and stats services update their record after 1 hour. Real-time stats and reporting feature update the stats and figures within minutes which is preferably a better option to choose.

Your Part

It’s your turn now. Tell me about your views on choosing an Affiliate Program as an Affiliate Marketer. Besides that, Brands and Entrepreneurs are requested to comment from merchant point of view… What would you see in an Affiliate Marketing Network to Start your own Affiliate Marketing Program? 

I’m waiting. Please tell me in the comments. 

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