7 Tips to Maximize Your Facebook Advertising Campaign’s Performance

Facebook Advertising Campaign begins with a purpose – And it should be! Because if you aren’t certain about the Facebook Ads Campaign, you won’t be able to maximize the performance by not focusing on the targets and audience.

Facebook is a popular social media platform and among top 3 most visited websites on earth. It has turned to more than a social networking platform, and has been emerged as a hub of social interaction of people and brands.

A wide range of user engagement options like Facebook groups, Facebook Apps, Facebook Games, Polls, Videos, Photos, Messaging and Sharing Content give users a huge list of reasons to stay on Facebook and meet friends online.

Similarly Businesses find Facebook an effective tool while utilizing its advertising model which has been diversified enough to provide a platform to reach the target audience through various advertising schemes (options)…

Are you not familiar with Facebook Advertising? Have you experienced Facebook Advertising? If you’re involved in PPC and CPM advertising for your business, then you should definitely check Facebook Advertising Campaign just to A/B split test for your advertising which is very essential analysis strategy in marketing.

Before revealing the tips to Optimize your Facebook Advertising Campaign, I would like to tell you my experience with Facebook Advertising – I’ve started dozens of campaigns in last two years, and found it extremely converting – Some experiences didn’t work, but most of them were quite amazing…

Make sure you read all these tips especially ‘A/B Split testing‘ – Because that Strategy really worked for me, and I’m sure using the right tools which I’m intended to tell you, would seriously make great results for you…

So, In this article, I’m going to tell you 7 tips to maximize your Facebook Advertising Campaign and utilize Facebook Advertising with better approach.

tips to maximize facebook ads campaign performance

1) – Right Audience Selection

You must be aware of your audience – Who you need to target? If you don’t know clearly about your audience, take a deep breath and read the next paragraphs.

It’s not difficult thing to find out, all you need is to figure out who actually needs your product – Who would be the right person to buy your product. If you’re targeting mid-range kids garments, then you should expect parents with low and mid-range income.

If you’re selling a Web hosting service, you need to find out who should buy web hosting, whether your web hosting fits for Bloggers, Businesses, Home-businesses or Multinational Companies – Once you clearly know the right audience, you’ll be able to create your Facebook Advertising Campaign precisely.

2) – Territorial Preference

It’s important. Facebook always wants to know where you want your Facebook Ads to appear – You must know which country or city you’re targeting. Content Marketers and SEO Experts sometimes focus on certain areas in their strategies with emphasis to gain popularity of the site in specific areas.

For example: If an SEO Expert is working on a Web Design Agency’s SEO Campaign which is based in Sydney, Australia, and that company wants to capture the leads from local customers based in Sydney, then SEO Experts would be focusing on Sydney and Australia particularly in every aspect… From linking and creating links to Content development and keywords, anchor texts to image titles, he would focus Sydney in all manners in order to achieve the maximum output.

3) – A/B Split Testing for Engagement types

Facebook offers different engagement types for Facebook Advertising Campaign. It allows advertisers to select the suitable engagement type like Getting Likes, Boost Page Post, Website Conversion, Website Clicks and few more.

In order to maximize the output, you might need to change the gears and tactics every time you come forward to use Facebook Advertising for promotion. Testing different Facebook Advertising models will make you able to understand which strategy remains useful and helpful for your particular product.

4) – Campaign Stats Analysis

Facebook Advertising offers click-based and impressions-based costing model with details of the campaign. All you need is to analyze your Facebook Advertising Campaign stats to understand it, and try to get better and better with your next campaigns.

Facebook Advertising tip:
It would be convenient to run few small budget campaigns like 3 to 5 campaigns of $15 to $20, to analyze the working of Facebook Advertising algorithm. Once you test different models and engagement types, you’ll be aware from the results of test campaigns to proceed further for more results-oriented Facebook Advertising Campaigns.


5) – Marketing Tools Linkage

Setting up different Marketing tools under one umbrella makes a whole new experience to your Online Marketing Campaign while using Facebook Advertising. Wishpond provides a comprehensive dashboard to link your Facebook Advertising Account, Landing Page with a Squeeze Page, Email Marketing Service like Aweber or MailChimp and much more.

At Wishpond you can export data to get statistics of your campaigns to improve your marketing strategy or to drive your campaign towards high conversion rate.

6) – Creative Ad Copy

Without a great Ad Copy your marketing campaign won’t be successful. So, in order to achieve best results with your Facebook Advertising make sure you come with creative ad design. Use Canva tool to create your Facebook Ad. Canva is an awesome infographic and design maker for Content Marketers, Bloggers and Businesses to make suitable graphics for the Content. It’s a freemium tool, some of the items are free to use and some graphic-items cost $1 each.

7) – Perfect Landing Page for Campaign

Once you come with a creative ad copy, next important thing is to get a Perfect Landing Page on your blog or website in order to convert the prospect into a paying customer. A landing page is a page where reader arrives and the action locks. Wishpond is one of the best tools to create a Landing Page for your blog or website to make your Facebook Ad Campaign Successful.

Example: Take a look on my Landing Page on my personal blog. I’ve created a Landing Page using Wishpond Marketing tool which helps me in getting more email subscribers and visitors who lands on my personal homepage and move to the personal blog too.


Your Part

What do you think about these tips for Making a Facebook Advertising Campaign successful and result-oriented by implementing the marketing tools and techniques? Would you consider any other Marketing tool or Strategy to maximize your Facebook Ad Campaign’s Performance? if Yes, What would be that?


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