An Online Fashion Store Prospect taught me an Important Lesson (Before Making an Online Store)

Online Businesses, Blogging, SEO, Ecommerce and Internet Marketing are all about new experiences, learning, techniques, tips and changing the gears – So I keep doing these things…

I’ve learned a lot, I’ve seen many successful bloggers, content marketers and SEO experts doing their work, I’ve seen them failing and quitting…

Everything teaches you lesson, everything contains a message. All you need is to find out what’s that lesson and message.

We always have to keep eyes open and keep on finding new things – We have to see experts’ opinions, their experiments, their tips and suggestions, so that we try to implement and convey to the readers…

Content Marketing has been changed, now you don’t need to hide your information sources, but you’ve to come one step forward to show off the sources.

It has two angles

1) – Authenticity

People trust more when you’ve authentic and proven points to convince them. Figures, Examples, Screenshots and survey reports are such authenticity tools which you can use to create an impact.

2) – Valuing

Show how valuable your customers are for you – Customers tend to choose sellers who give them value in terms of any favor. It’s natural and psychological. You would accept the prestige.


The Lesson an Online Store Prospect taught me

As I cover Content Marketing, Readers Engagement and Online Marketing tactics on my blog, so I keep eyes open on social media as well – Recently I was approached by a new fashion industry entrant who needs to start a small online boutique and she wanted to have an ecommerce fashion store to sell clothes online, and she asked for the E-store launch and further services I can do for her [Content Marketing Campaign and Social Media Consultancy].

We’ve agreed to schedule a meeting in upcoming days and already got connected on Facebook.

I was planning to guide her about Content Marketing, driving the right Content Strategy since the beginning on Company’s blog and Social Media Engagement…

But I saw something… which actually made me happy and surprised too.

She was totally blank about Business, E-commerce and Social Media for Business – But, interestingly, she started following relevant local fashion brands on Facebook, and as facebook shows you recommendations what your friends are liking and offers you to check or like as well – So, I’ve been observing this activity, and will appreciate her effort to analyze competitors facebook pages.

I’m not sure, whether she is checking competitors’ websites or not, but she is sneaking to their Facebook pages successfully.

Well, it’s always good to keep eyes open – Social Media Experts believe in continuous engagement, public relations and helping the community.

We Content Marketers believe the same, help the readers, engage the community and value your customers…

Twitter Tip: If you want people to notice you or you want to grow your following on Twitter, choose 2 or 3 relevant tweets of others and retweet on daily basis… It would be more convenient to retweet users with huge following.

So, I’m going to give her this Twitter tip as well – I believe in sharing the value, honoring the talent and respecting the great ones – You’ll always be rewarded if you do so…

I’ve seen and experienced this.

Your Part

Do you agree with me on ‘sharing and valuing others content‘ develop your online presence? It’s about being noticed, positively… 

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  1. Great post very informative and insightful. The tips bring great value to me. Thanks for sharing!!

    • Thanks Bill. I appreciate you gave your time and read my post.


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