A Brief Guide to Start a Business Website for Working Moms and Mompreneurs

Business Websites are necessary. You know that, but you’re going to get when your home business is going to be little bit profitable, maybe in next 6 months or 1 year… Right?

Well, most of the mompreneurs and home business moms think that way, but Smart Moms don’t take chances, they don’t want to waste a single day without giving their input to their Business Identity… they get their websites done right before the launch or after the launch…

Now if you’re thinking you might need $1000 to 2000 extra from your budget to make your business website for your small company, you’re actually wrong, you certainly don’t need $2000 for your business website… Guess what, you’re not going to sell online with e-commerce service integration, you don’t want to get into shopping carts and selling online yet…

All you need is to setup an Online Portfolios, A reasonable high-quality Website, Services & Products display and Contact details…

That’s easy… It’s cream cake…

Want to know how?

You hardly need $200 or less for that… Sounds good?

Keep reading…

Now, one thing is sure, if you need to know as a Mompreneur, home-business mom or even any type of Small Business starter to get your business website done within few hours, you can follow this whole article right to the end of it, and if you’re not interested in this inexpensive and most affordable method to create a website for your business, then it’s okay, you can leave it now.

Because next part is for all Business Starters, Entrepreneurs and Home Business starters who have dreams to develop a successful home business and they don’t want to miss a single way to promote their business…

Don’t worry I’m not going to discuss Web development tools and tutorial here, if I had to discuss tools, I won’t be communicating to Home Business Starters, I might have written something related to Web developers and Web Engineers…

So, no tough coding and discussions here…

Feel free. Relax.


5 Things You Need to Develop a Business Website


1) – Business Name and Logo

Business name comes first – Firstly decide your Business name, and then look for a Business logo. If you don’t know how to make a logo for your home business, then you can pay someone to do that. I’ll refer you a service for that. Try GraphicRiver.

2) – Website Content

Website Content is slightly different from Blog Content. I’m talking about Web pages content which includes a Profile, Contact page, Welcome message, Services/Products, Quality Assurance, Founder’s Message and few others (if necessary)…

So, you need to write these things for your website – No one knows your business better than you, so take a look on company websites related to yours just to take the content idea, and try to produce better. Make it descriptive, clear and concise.

Still worried about your Web Content? Use the contact form to email me about this…

3) – Website Design

You don’t want to pay $500 to $2000 for your simple and nice Company website. Okay… I’ll guide you how to setup your website without doing much. You hardly need to pay $200 or less for that. Firstly, you need a Web hosting Account to host your website.

I recommend Bluehost.

Then, you’ll need a domain and you can register your domain with your Bluehost Web hosting.

Why Bluehost, Want to know?

Because I’ve been using this Web hosting for a year now, and have used it in the past as well. I never saw any problem with this web hosting. Bluehost is one of the top web hosting companies in the world.

Next thing would be Premium WordPress theme for your Company’s Website:

I recommend Themeforest.

Themeforest allows you to buy your favorite WordPress theme from hundreds of different WordPress themes in various categories. Average WordPress theme cost would be $38…

I’m about to buy MythemeShop membership myself, because few WordPress themes of MyThemeShop are incredibly beautiful, fast and optimized for WordPress blogs.

4) – Product/Portfolios Pictures

This is very important. You need to display your products on your business website. It doesn’t matter you’ve got your products photoshoot or not, don’t worry about it – Just use your Smartphone to get those pictures in a very sophisticated white background, and try to get them photoshopped, but if not possible, don’t worry, you can upload those pictures to the Instagram to add some effects and then download it from your Instagram account using Web. It would give you a whole new look to your pictures. Try this.

5) – Testimonials

Testimonials are important too. Try to get your any professional contacts and ask for a testimonial messages for your business or professional skills along with their small face picture. You’ll need this to use on your testimonial page or homepage of website.

How to Launch your Business Website?

This isn’t a big thing. You’ve done the major part. Now you’ll quickly setup your Business Website on your Web hosting using WordPress Open source Program. I’ll guide you about the tools to launch your website within 5 minutes and then next 2 minutes would require to give a new look to your website. I’m assuming that you’ve purchased your Web hosting and a Premium WordPress theme, and now you’re good to go to setup your business website:

Step 1

Go to the Cpanel of your Web hosting through the link, username and password provided by your web hosting company.

Step 2

Look for any of the options like SimpleScript, Fantastico or QuickInstall in your Cpanel. (Maybe you’ll find directly a logo of WordPress to Install it, if so, go for it).

Step 3

Now you have to install WordPress on your Web hosting. Select WordPress from the list of bundle of different open source programs. Don’t click on others.

Step 4

Select the right path (domain) to install your WordPress site.

Step 5

Enter your Business name for Website title and User detail to control the site.

Step 6

After entering your data, just simply proceed to install a fresh installation of WordPress on your web hosting.

(If you find any difficulty, you can check this ‘Guide on Auto-Installation of WordPress Blog‘)… Still need help? Write me. I’ll help you out.


5 Things You Need to Know about Your Business

Besides creating a business website, you must know few more things that would actually help you in the long-run. I’m going to list down few things you should know about Business website success and that would surely help you in growing your customers base with the passage of time:

1) – Target Market

Who is your target audience? Plan who you want to be your customer. Parents, Single Parents, Kids, Companies, Type of Companies, Startups, Entrepreneurs or Students… It can be anyone who is there in the society… You know better what’s your big idea to sell, so obviously you can decide who is going to be your target market. Make sure you know it very well.

2) – Customer Type

Customer type can’t be circled into something specific. It can be like a dozen reasons or examples to focus on customer type – Just make sure you’re pretty clear with your business product or service… If you want to sell gaming gadgets, who you expect to demand for that, kids or their parents… obviously kids…

3) – Marketing Psychology

Marketing Psychology here means how would you present your product or service to the audience – It’s you what you think about the importance of your product, and more you’re excited and convinced, more you’ll be able to sell it to your customers. Make sure you know your product or service very well.

4) – Marketing Budget Management

If you don’t plan any marketing budget instantly in the beginning, just don’t worry about it. After all, you would have to do it later sometimes. But, at least get business cards, letter heads and logo ready in the start. If you can afford to go ahead, you can start Facebook advertising.

You don’t have to look for in-depth research tools or lengthy guidelines for Facebook Advertising. I’m personally using Wishpond. Wishpond is a Perfect Online Marketing toolkit with Solutions to gauge our Online Marketing through various tools. You can manage your Facebook Advertising through Wishpond account as well.

5) – Customer Engagement Platform

When you don’t spend much budget on online advertising or physical advertising, then try to spend more time on social media and use your PR to engage people, to find prospects and convert them to customers.


I tried to explain how you can setup your first or next Business website using simple tools and tips. I’ve helped many individuals in setting up their blogs and currently giving paid consultancy on website launching and creating content strategies…

I thought, I should help Moms and Mompreneurs looking to take a start with their businesses, and this is just a tiny effort to give my help to them – This is just a small thing for them, because we can’t pay them back what they do for us…

Besides that, If you’re a home business mom and looking to take a start with your small business idea, then start creating on your website using WordPress, even after reading this guide, if you find any difficulty, just use my contact page to contact me directly, I’ll help you out. And, if you want things to be done pretty quickly, you can hire me to do that, and the advantage of hiring me would be, your business plan will be analyzed through all perspectives and I’ll create a content strategy after asking you few brief questions about your prospects and future customers…

If you liked this article, please don’t forget to share on LinkedIn and Google+… Are you going to start your small business website? Will you use this guide to launch your business website using WordPress?

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