3 Things Entrepreneurs Should Do Before Launching their Startups

Starting up your business and pursuit of entrepreneurial dreams are two difficult jobs to do. A successful startup needs a lot to do. It demands motivation, passion, patience, struggle, and investment to get there and make a start.

People talk and guide young entrepreneurs, starters, students, housewives, and stay-at-home moms about startups, tactics to initiate, how to grow, how to identify prospects, how to find customers, how to sell, and much more.

Startup owners plan to go viral on social media. They dream to get popularity with their Facebook page, twitter account, and iPhone app…

They set budget to keep rolling the promotional channels for a few months. They plan to dominate, they dream to influence the market. They wish to expand the customer base within a few months…

Interestingly, entrepreneurship speakers, coaches, experts, and writers talk about startups aftermath – They showcase great examples of greatest startups that almost changed the way we live today… they motivate people to keep going, they guide well, they influence strongly, and they create the momentum for startups.


What about the life of Startup owners before their Startups?

What if someone didn’t actually step in into the entrepreneurial race… 

I thought to talk about startup owners’ life before launching their startups, before entering into the big world, before setting up a corporate office… and before stepping in into the real light to see the actual picture.

It’s because, I plan things too, and I know what are the challenges for a startup owner – As a content creator and blogger, I can portray those thoughts, expressions, feelings, and problems that entrepreneurs face at times.

So, I thought about the most important things to do for Startup owners before launching their startups:

1) – Start Building an Email List

It’s not necessary to setup your email marketing campaign after a startup launch. You don’t have to wait for your official company’s website launch to start building your email list – You should start your email list building as soon as possible.

2) – Create a Landing Page before the Website launch

The website takes days and probably weeks to setup. Before that, you don’t have to waste your early birds on your website. When you start talking about your startup, you create a Facebook page, Google+ page and twitter account of your company, you definitely invite people and friends to like your page.

Don’t wait for the whole operation and product launching to begin, start your campaign before your website launch and office setup.

One of the best marketing strategies for early days would be creating a landing page for your website. It would start engaging people who somehow start looking for your website… A Perfect landing would help you to collect subscribers and interested prospects’ email addresses.

The set offers for subscribers to get the first-week discount. Offer 30% off for first 100 buyers. Create offer, engage people and sell them.


EmailOctopus is an upcoming email marketing service which looks to break down the standard email marketing prices in online marketing and set to get a shot early own. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing this email marketing service.

emailoctopus landingpage

Do you want to know the reason?

It’s pricing.


The landing page states something:

email marketing pricing


3) – Hunt for the Communities

To engage the right audience, you need to meet people to find them. Start looking for the audience that will love your product on all possible networks. Find them, engage them and keep them abreast for early sales.

Facebook is crowded. Adsense needs budget. If you don’t want to spend promotional budget before the actual launch, then don’t do it.

Start utilizing some simple strategies to engage selective and targeted people. You might come across your one early potential customer.

3 Places to Build Useful Relationships

Here are the three platforms you should be hanging out:

1) – Twitter List

Find relevant twitter lists or make some to add relevant people. Use hashtags to find relevant people and add them to your twitter list. 

2) – Google+ Communities

Find relevant Google+ communities to start engaging prospects and customers. Google+ communities are comparatively better engaged social platform than Facebook groups.

3) – ProductHunt

ProductHunt is another social media utility to find startup founders and follow them on twitter. Producthunt shows startups and allows startup owners to join the discussion to answer prospects and audience questions.

Your Part

Now it’s your turn.

Are you about to launch your startup?

Would you consider my 3 tips to Entrepreneurs and startup owners?

Write in the comments if something missing in my article, I’ll love to read that.

If you liked my article, please share on Facebook and Google+. 

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  1. Hello Hassan,

    I am glad you shared this in facebook. The post is worth reading. All the points you mentioned here makes sense to try for.

    As far as I am concerned I feel networking with people is one of the most healthy way to gain traffic.

    Thank you

    • Thanks, Tuhin!

      I’m glad that you’re glad. The best thing is when you find something helpful and useful, you share it with others, and guess what, it helps others. It’s the best feeling in the whole world.

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