5 Undeniable Social Media Tools to Increase Authority in 2015

Are you getting bored of listening similar Social Media tips everywhere? Have you come to the situation where you want to say, OK, I KNOW SOCIAL MEDIA IS IMPORTANT, NOW WHAT?

If you’ve got a lot to say and express, then don’t worry, I’m here to talk about the solution, I myself was feeling somewhat similar few months back.

Then, I thought to go ahead, get on the toes, and try to be more than genuine.

What I started?

I planned 3 things to do:

1) – Be Original

2) – Be Helpful

3) – Be Social

Do you know why? Because there’s a lot of voice up there, you might never be heard.

Imagine the Picture of Social Media

It’s people all over the scene, you barely see the horizon, heads and heads, everywhere… You think to attract many of them, you know you can’t impress or attract them at once, and then plan to attract an enough majority that would trigger huge impact for you.

You think it’s going to be a big day – You’re ready to shout, you think it’s your chance to go and just bang.

And, finally, YOU SHOUT…



No one hears you – They look at you, and just leave… Few of them notice you and walk away…




Keep reading… I’ve got the solution – Even these 5 Undeniable Social Media tools won’t help you if you don’t understand the cream of this message. I’ve placed the solution after these 5 Social Media tools to explain that why these Social Media tools would help you…


5 Undeniable Social Media Tools to Increase Authority in 2015



1) – LinkedIn

You probably know LinkedIn. You might have got an account as well, but it seems you aren’t utilizing it or not taking it seriously. Let me tell you, LinkedIn is one of the most emerging Social Networking sites for professionals and businesses to interact and communicate.

You can’t deny the fact that your Business needs to go beyond the circles. You won’t mind if you increase your customers, you won’t hate if your subscribers increase. LinkedIn is a great platform to meet new contacts, build relations and communicate with the audience.

2) – Quora

Quora is one of the best social interaction websites I know. It’s basically different from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. It’s a questioning and answering based social platform. You ask things you want to know or discuss, people with similar expertise and interest will answer you, you get the solution and answer,  the answer teller gets the popularity – In result, both get a social contact – Imagine, you ask a question, 10 people follow the question to see all answers, and 5 people actually answer your query, so you can meet 15 new people with just a question you asked.

More you interact and use this community, more you get used to it. Answer the questions smartly, help people, share the love and spread positivity – You’ll start seeing your following on Quora. This is another important Social media platform you might not want to ignore.

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3) – Disqus

I’ve seen Disqus as a commenting solution for websites and blogs, and probably know it for years, but recently I’ve found an interesting thing inside Disqus. You might know that Disqus requires your Disqus Account to login and comment on the websites and blogs offering Disqus commenting solution.

Now you can develop your following and social profile having the number of yours followers, short-bio and a link of yours. There is an activity feed as well, in which you see all your conversations and replies to your comments.

It’s another social activity and interaction platform that you didn’t notice yet.

4) – Slideshare

Slideshare is an awesome social media tool to use for individuals, brands, businesses, marketers, investors and organizations. It’s a slideshow and presentation sharing community and turned out to be one of the most famous social media websites.

If you want to dominate in 2015 using a strong social media presence for your brand, then you should never ignore Slideshare.

5) – Slide.ly

Slide.ly is another killer social media tool. When I first saw Slide.ly, I got more stunned then I got when I first saw slideshare. I’m telling you Slide.ly has all the traits and features to become a huge social media platform to compete Slideshare, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Slideshare got only silent presentation slides in the free membership, but slide.ly offers many solutions like creating a photo album with music, photo album effects and videos. You can create a Gallery of photos, Slideshow of Photos, Collage and slideshows with videos and music.

Features of sharing slideshows on social media and getting likes to show popularity make Slide.ly an important social media network for 2015 and years to come.

What’s the Big & Bold Message?

Don’t wait. Start over. If you aren’t very active with your Facebook and Twitter, let’s do it again, maybe with some new social media tools. I know Bloggers and Business owners who don’t get a shot early on with social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, they leave it – Remember, Social Media is about engagement, consistency and helping the community…

More generosity. More love. More Sharing. And More Caring…

Your Part

Tell me what you think about these 5 Social Media tools? Are you using any of them yet? Tell me any social media tool from the list you’re going to use… If you liked this article, please share on Facebook and Twitter.

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