What Premium WordPress Themes Seller HEADWAY THEMES and I Have in Common

HEADWAY THEMES is a reputable WordPress themes seller in the industry – I truly respect them, they are one of the good sellers, although, I don’t promote them (yet), as I’ve already got themeforest with me to use and promote.

I’ve purchased ton of material from themeforest, it’s actually the largest marketplace for Website templates, WordPress themes, E-commerce themes, Plugins, HTML Templates and much more.

What made me to write on HEADWAY THEMES

hmmm… It’s interesting.

You know, I’m a huge promoter of Blogging, not for only Bloggers, Individuals and Students, but for Corporate sector as well – I believe every business and brand should have a blog. Mostly top brands, large organizations and companies have their blogs…


They’ve got highly-paid experts in Marketing and IT, they know things. They’re experts (most of them)… No, I mean, all of them… of course.

They’re better than me, which is why their employers don’t worry about their social media engagement, their content strategies and email marketing campaigns.

But, what about the others, what about an average bakery shop, what about the father’s family business, what about your own small business…

Who will tell them all to make a blog & develop an online presence and identity?

Why is HEADWAY THEMES in the discussion?

I recently came across its company’s blog, and I found out that its one of the recent posts encourages Companies to Start a Blog and that post comprises of details and reasons that convince businesses to setup their blogs.

Title was ‘Why You Should Have a Blog’ …

Oh, I’m a subscriber of HEADWAY THEMES Newsletter, and I received the newsletter in which this article was linked.

headway themes

Interesting thing is, I’ve written similar post weeks back, in which I tried to tell companies that why you should have a company’s blog.

My Post on the Importance of Company’s Blog

I created that post in personal context that Why I’ll launch my company’s blog – Whenever I’ll setup my company which will be in the near future, I’ll surely make my company’s blog.

See this: 9 Reasons Why I Will Launch My Company’s Blog (And You Should do the Same)

In that article, I tried to explain the reasons and benefits of a company’s official blog – Even, I recommend all readers to do the same (as its title states)…

So, basically the purpose of this post was to tell my readers and subscribers that I’m not the alone who believes in a Blogging Platform, it’s not only me who says Content helps your company website’s search engine ranking, it’s not only me who believes in keep bringing fresh content on your company’s blog to improve your social media engagement

See, industry experts and leaders also believe the same.

I never convinced them to publish that type of post. Obviously…

So, what are you going to do if you are running a Business? Would you launch your Company’s blog? If you aren’t a Business owner, and doing a job, then you must read one of the recent posts of mine about 10 Benefits of a Blog You Should Know

Tell me, would you launch your blog? If you already have a blog, use the contact form to write me what you actually want from a blog…

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  1. Currently I am not into business but I am much convinced by now , after reading a lot of similar posts and I feel , if ever I started any business, I will make its blog.
    But with blog we need to concentrate of auto responder emails and many such things.
    Thank you for a informative post

    • Thanks Andleeb,

      I’m happy my post helped you in understanding the importance of a blog.


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