7 Essential Marketing Tools to Increase Leads & Conversion

Have you ever felt that your Marketing Strategy needs to be revamped to turn things around? If you’re looking to gear up the new strategies for creating more suitable atmosphere to capture the leads, converting leads to sales and retaining the customers, then your marketing evolution thoughts need a go.

It’s not about only Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers who are struggling to convert their visitors into paying customers, but the span covers every brand or business entity that utilizes any kind of marketing to increase the sales.

You might want to have a seat with your table lamp on in the dark room, and start reading this – Because, it took two days for me to plan, visualize and create this blog post to reveal what exactly the point is, what can trigger the change, what really needs to be started…

And, what exactly can turn out to be a Marketing Magic Strategy!

Good News: I got that.

Bad news: It requires time, consistency and mental strength. (You’re ready to do this; I’m ready to promise your success).


I have to show some Marketing tools that are necessary for today’s successful marketing:


7 Essential Marketing Tools to Increase Leads, Conversion & Sales


1) – Landing Page

Landing pages are like faces. People see faces. They judge and interpret from other’s faces. Are you giving the right charm of your brand’s intention to the prospects and customers?

If someone asks me, hey, how to use a landing page, I’ll say:

Impress. Engage. Motivate. Convert.


2) – Popup box

Popups are little cheeky yet engaging concept of marketing. The best way to deal with it is stick to the simplicity and awesomeness. Design well. Craft your message. Polish your words. And, Offer creatively. It’s not that people always hate popup.

Companies use popup strategy for customers engage – I’ve seen companies use popups for customer care chat. And, people don’t mind it.

You can do it something similar. If you stay 6 hours continuously in your office – You can keep your website or customer care chat account open for people to talk.

It’s probably the most engaging and highly converting strategy among all in the list.


3) – Facebook Contests

Well, running Facebook contests would be another engaging strategy for brands to increase leads and conversion. People don’t hate free gifts, coupon and surprises. If you create right campaign on Facebook through advertising, you would be able to make a huge difference.


4) – Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most influential and adopted marketing and customer engagement strategies. I personally vote for Email Marketing to make a first choice for brands to nurture long term relations.

Leads and Conversion will definitely come when there is a trust between you and your readers. Email list helps Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, Internet Marketers and Businesses to develop a relation and connection with customers and followers.


5) – Leads Collection

Leads Collection is a strategy in which you collect a source of communicate like email address or phone no. of prospects – When a prospect gets engaged with a brand through any form of communication, and this negotiation becomes possible through any type of input receiving at the brand’s end, it would be called lead collection.


Brands publish E-books about certain topic and allow readers and visitors to download for free through their email – So, it means brands trade the e-book with the email address of the reader. Visitor signs up, provides his/her email address and brand automatically sends the ebook on his/her email address.

Haven’t heard about trigger message in email marketing? – It’s something like that.


6) – Optin Forms

Opt-in forms are my favorite too. You offer people something. People decide to come forward. If your message makes them interested or they think that your offer can really help them somehow, they join you.

It can be any type of offer. Email Marketing Services provide opt-in forms to collect email addresses. Some customization can turn the simple opt-in form into entirely different thing to attract readers.


See my Opt-in form on the right side of the window (Let me show in the screenshot):

newsletter sign up form



7) – A/B Split testing

A/B Split test or A/B Testing is a form of conversion and engagement analysis. Marketers test different engagement models – And, they keep on doing that.


They create and gather data that summarizes, how, when, why readers and visitors observed their changes more – They use their collection of data-driven analysis to improve their marketing strategies. Landing Pages, Website colors, Text changes and Design & Concept changes are few of the changes which are famous among brands that they use to test their conversion and engagement.


How to Use Essential Marketing Tools under 1-Account?

It’s million dollar question…

Okay – It’s one thousand dollar question. How to actually use all these essential marketing tools together?

If you’re thinking that you need 7 different services to work on – You’re wrong. You need only 1-Service that does all these things.

Are you curious now?

I was too. When I started looking at this company…

Let me show you the real-life example of this thing – You can actually maintain 7 different awesome marketing tools under one umbrella.

wishpond marketing tool for effective marketing

Wishpond is an awesome service which provides a unique and amazing service with all these essential marketing tools in the bag to help brands, organizations, entrepreneurs, bloggers and internet marketers in achieving their marketing and customer engagement goals.

4 Reasons to Use Wishpond to Increase your Leads and Conversion


1) – Affordable

Wishpond is quite affordable pretty much for everyone. Take a look on the annual billing of all 4 packages of Wishpond:

Basis Plan – $45

Plus Plan – $65

Pro Plan – $85

White Label – $129

(Monthly billing is also available; however you can save 35% on annual billing.)

2) – Easy-to-Use

There isn’t any rocket science requires for Wishpond to use for your marketing campaign – It’s quite simple and easy to manage all of your activities and marketing tools inside Wishpond account.

3) – All in One Marketing Service

Create landing page, facebook contests, manage optin forms, manage A/B testing and all other marketing tools mentioned earlier can be utilized at one place.

4) – Quick Assistance

One of the important aspects of any online service is quick-assistance. Customers don’t like to wait for days and even hours. You’ll find Wishpond quick and effective in customer assistance.

Try: Wishpond 



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