Why I Did not Setup the Blog on hassaankhan.com [Secret in Last 3 Paragraphs]

Well, if you never noticed earlier, my blog which you’re reading at this time is on a sub-directory hassaankhan.com/blog … it could be like this hassaankhan.com…

I’m going to shed some light on this decision – Not only this, I would like to add some spicy thoughts of sub-domains, which I never revealed, even never noticed much to cover, but I always kept an eye on those things…

I remember early college days, we used to talk among friends about websites and blogs – Me and Friend were kind of IT Guys among all friends – When anyone in the circle of friends wanted to know something, they used to prefer us.

Actually my friend Umar was actually far better than me in Computer things. He is still a Boss. Like a king.

So, we used to manipulate the SEO and Search Engine behaviors – And, sub-domain was one of the most scariest things in not-to-do list of ours. We never adopted the usage of sub-domains… God Knows Why!

I came out with hassaankhan.com, my newsletter and personal blog, earlier this year in May 2014 – So I launched the blog on sub-directory ‘hassaankhan.com/blog‘…

If you visit hassaankhan.com, it has a landing page with opt-in form for newsletter subscription.

Landing Page Setup

An important benefit of making my blog on a sub-directory turned out to be as an availability of a landing page for my website and blog – Now hassaankhan.com has a landing page which can collect email addresses of the subscribers.

People who visit your blog through social media or search engines, if they don’t subscribe early on, and just like the content, they somehow try to remember the domain name to reach again… In this case, people would reach to hassaankhan.com rather than hassaankhan.com/blog…

Did you notice that I’ve placed a link of my blog on main landing page of website (hassaankhan.com)…

See this: How to Setup a Perfect Landing Page on your Website

Before opening the secret, I would like to show you a comparison in two examples.

Example 1

Bluehost is a top web hosting company and one of the most famous web hosting services in the world. I use and recommend Bluehost web hosting, because it’s awesome, I never saw any downtime, my email works fine, my blog and websites load fast… So, I support Bluehost and promote as well.

Coming to the point!

Bluehost’s official company blog is on bluehost.com/blog, not on a sub-domain like blog.bluehost.com.

hmmm… Sounds interesting!

So, search engines and other bots take bluehost.com/blog as a sub-directory of bluehost.com – One more thing, Alexa rank of Bluehost blog is same as its main domain.


Example 2

Hubpages is one of the largest blogging and free publishing platforms in the world. It has also got its official blog which is on the sub-domain… like blog.hubpages.com…

Would you believe hubpages.com is at 571 rank in alexa world ranking, and its blog is at 36,000… It clearly means the sub-domain has been considered a separate domain.

The Last Part

This is something special. I never made my blog on a sub-domain, because I don’t want to all bots to take my blog as a separate domain entity from my TLD. I didn’t want Search Engines to make a perception of my blog as a separate domain from my main domain.

I didn’t want to establish my main site and blog separately – Now I link up both directories somewhere in my articles, I create internal link which adds value to the Link Juice – Link Juice is a technical term which SEO Experts use to consider the SEO Value and Search Engine Ranking which transfer from a link to another or a domain to another domain through some kind of linking.

I’m not the master blaster of link building and SEO, but whatever I did to my blogs always worked. And, I kept on learning things, I failed sometimes, and the best part is I learned from the failures. And bounced back, pretty well.

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