Landing Page vs. Coming Soon Page – A Brief Guide to Readers Engagement Strategies

Small Business owners, Home-business starters, Mompreneurs and New Bloggers sometimes mix things up – One of those things is the concept of Landing Page and Coming Soon Page.

In this post, I’ll try my best to differentiate, analyze and describe Landing Pages and Coming Soon Pages, as they are widely used readers’ engagement and marketing tools in the online businesses in particular, but brick-and-mortar businesses can’t ignore the importance of Landing Page and Coming soon page on the websites.

Before getting deeper into the comparison of Landing Page and Coming soon page, let me assure you that this blog post isn’t just for Small Businesses, Home Business Moms and Bloggers – If you analyze it through marketing perspective, every type of corporate brand, every small starter and entrepreneur can utilize these marketing and customer engagement strategies.

Why does a Business want Customer Engagement?

Obviously, for better conveyance of business information, delivery of value and transmission of best possible product/service to achieve maximum customer satisfaction…


I found out that Hushflow which is an online collaboration platform to interact, share and review ideas of each other, remained quite successful with their Landing Page Strategy to engage visitors and to turn them into subscribers, which ultimately makes them prospects…


Another example of a landing page can be Birdboxx, which is a vacation and travel directory which is all set to be launched soon.


What is a Landing Page?

Landing Page is a welcome page of any website or blog which initially shows up whenever and however a visitor arrives on that website or blog. In online marketing it is also known as lead capturing page. Normally landing page is known along with its templates.

Landing Page templates are predefined set of elements that help companies, brands, bloggers and entrepreneurs to start engaging the audience through email signups, facebook page likes or directly selling something.

Landing Pages are often linked to other pages which come later on after the certain action is taken by the reader who wants to proceed with the offer or deal – it’s called Squeeze page, which shows up later on after the action is taken to actually download or receive the outcome. Many Online marketers and seller use squeeze pages to thank their shoppers and to let them know that how the delivery of the product/service would be made possible.

What is a Coming Soon Page?

Coming soon page is actually another readers’ engagement strategy of Internet marketers, bloggers, entrepreneurs and brands to let their website visitors know about the launch of their website or certain product.

The important factor of setting up a coming soon page is the collection of emails of the visitors who are interested in that brand or product – Companies use their Coming soon pages to declare things like website launching date, important events and company profiles.

Coming soon page makes sure that a website visitor who visits the website even when a website isn’t online or it’s under construction, he never gets disappointed with the absence of the website. A coming soon page helps companies, brands and businesses to retain their prospects and customers during their website development process.

Bloggers use coming soon page too – they collect email addresses of the readers to contact them through email marketing service like Aweber and Mailchimp and let them know about the blog launch.

Landing Page vs. Coming Soon Page

Both are readers’ engagement channels – Landing page normally comes with certain format and template to be used, but necessarily it counts the engaging options not the template ground. Some Bloggers use a certain page to offer something to the readers or popup that comes whenever a reader comes, that would be a landing page strategy too.

Coming soon page as compared to landing page is a bit different format of engagement – it’s a pre-launch customers’ engagement strategy. Although on technical grounds coming soon page is a type of landing page, we normally don’t call it a landing page now, we consider it a coming soon page (bloggers also use a terms like under construction or maintenance page as well).

The term landing page hasn’t been discussed so much earlier in the past as it is now being discussed – To proof this analysis, I went to Google trends to check the trending chart of search term of landing page, and it shows like this:


Your Part

Would you consider a perfect landing page on your business website? Will you consider to set up an amazing and engaging landing page on your niche blog? Do you think a coming soon page really helps companies to engage customers and prospects?  Tell me…

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